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How primitive microbes evolved in space?

How primitive microbes evolved in space
                                                                Date 18-3-2018
Nalin Ranjan, Scientist

Dr. Jennifer Klay, Scientist
Asst Professor of Physics –California

My dreams are coming true again
       I am surprise to see an article tiled as “Rare meteorite may hold clue to life’s origin” appeared in a popular News paper called ‘The Hindu dated 4-3-2018 Stating “A study of two meteorites, which fell in Assam and Rajasthan over a span of 13 hours in 2017, by the Geological Survey of India (GST) has concluded that they may contain “significant clues to the origins of life.” 
      Late on the evening of June 5 last, a meteorite weighing 3.014 kg fell in Natun Balijan village in Tinsukkia, Assam.
     Thirteen hours later, early on June 6 another meteorite, weighing 2.23 kg, fell in Mukundpura village under Sadiya subdivision near Jaipur.
      Experts from GSI’s Meteorite and Planetary Science Division (the custodian of meteorites- studied both objects for over 10 months.
      “The Mukundpura one is a carbonaceous meteorite, one of the most primitive types. They contain grains of calcium and iron, which date to a time before the sum came into existence. They may contain clues to the formation of early life,” a scientist at GST told The Hindu.
 Nasa too had come out with facts article titled as “Life began in space: Nasa Study” appeared in Deccan Chronicle News paper in the year 2009. Now read the article given below
                                      Life on earth began in Space : Nasa study
Deccan Chronicle dt 21-1-2011 File attach Lr Cancer 21-1-11
London : It’s now official: Life on earth began on space, says a new study on space, says a new study on meteorite strengthening evidence that biological raw ingredients were carried to the planet in lumps of asteroids rocks.
    The NASA research has suggested that a wider range of asteroids were capable of creating the kind of amino acids used by life on Earth.
    The molecules come in two mirror-image varieties, known as left and right handed. But only left-handed amino acids are found in nature.
    In March 2009, researchers at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centre in Greenbelt found an excess of the Left-handed form of the amino acid isovaline in samples of meteorites that came from carbon-rich asteroids.
Nalin version that meteorites would have come from far beyond Pluto planet.  Since NASA has found nitrogen and Methane in the tenth planet far beyond Pluto and Pluto also has nitrogen. It is this nitrogen is which essential to our body. From here meteorites would have brought this nitrogen and microbes would have carried this nitric-oxide into the living organisms.   
    The discovery suggested that perhaps left-handed life got its start in space, where conditions in asteroids favoured the creation of left-handed amino acids. Meteorite impact could have supplied this material to earth.
    “This tells us our initial discovery wasn’t a fluke; that there really was something going on in the asteroids where these meteorites came from that favours the creation of Left-handed amino acids, Daniel Glavin of NASA was quoted as saying by Daily Mail.
    The scientists believe that early in its history, earth was bombarded with meteorites containing left-handed amino acids.
    The bias (means tendency to be strongly for) towards left handedness would have continued as the material was incorporated into emerging life.
    Evidnence suggests that the presence of liquid water amplifies levels of left-handed isovaline (L-isovaline) in asteroids .
    Liquid water seems to be the key,” said Glavin. “We can tell how much these asteroids were altered by liquid water by analyzing the minerals their meteorites contain.
   “The more these asteroids were altered, the greater the excess L-isovaline we found. This indicates some process involving liquid water favours the creation of left-handed amino acids.”
   Radiation may be responsible for initially tipping the balance towards left-handedness, the scientists believe.
     Cosmic rays encountered by the solar system inits youth may have led to slightly more left-handed amino acids being created, or slightly more right-handed molecules being destroyed. ---AFP
Life from Space

 This very chillness I am getting through the Medium of light and my vision absorbs these lights increases the voltage power in the brain. I feel neutrinos and light creates water through its chillness on the surface of meteorites which seemed to evolve life in the long journey in the cosmos had bought life on Earth.  So are the cones and rods in the biological system get activated through vision makes my body and the brain fresh. Thus my invented Medical Instrument patented in the year 1998 had shown the way how to create chillness in the body.

    Now read my thesis tilted as “How micro organism evolved and started spreading on this planet” which I published on 7-6-2002 and two eminent doctors attached to Sri Ramachandra Medical College, Porur Chennai- INDIA had signed this paper is given below
  Date 7-6-2002
How Micro-organism evolved and started spreading on this Planet

        This micro-organism started growing initially on chilled objects caused by the velocity and emitting light from the terrestrial objects had created these Micro-organisms on meteorites which eventually fell on Earth. These Micro-organisms grew in numbers without any DNA sequences. These Micro-organisms under went evolution changes and environmental conditions were the cause for the development of different DNA sequences. In the event it developed the properties of chromosomes that had led to different kinds of species of different races. Now we find these Micro-organisms have under gone some basic changes in the living organism and have no direct link of multiplying it from the external lights. But the DNA’s in the body have kept these properties in check and got interlocked within the nucleus. These changes are caused as a result of chemical changes and environmental conditions had led to this new DNA sequences. Thereafter lights from the terrestrial objects became a secondary source of energy for the living species and hence it can exist without light for some time.

       These Micro-organisms are so well organized within the nucleus of the DNA and at the same time, it protects the DNA’s from abnormal conditions such as viruses, temperatures, atmospheric pressure, and environmental conditions and also from gravitational changes including velocity of momentum. Whereas food, water, oxygen, carbon-dioxide, different types of mineral soils and etc are highly essential commodities for the existence of the DNA. And Light act as a source of energy that gives the growth  for the living organism, Though Light does not directly interact with the DNA unlike free Micro-organisms. Now introducing the light therapy to the human eye one can directly rectify the defective DNA’s by altering the Micro-organisms in the DNA’s. Thus it paves the way for alteration to cure many natural diseases. These Micro-organisms attract filtered light rays into the DNA’s and energize the very nucleus of the cell organism.

       Before the evolution of life on Earth, these Micro-organisms are highly sensitive to radiation and seemed to be an essential commodity for its developmental process on Meteorites. Even now when radium atoms are exposed to the body these Micro-organisms in the DNA’s easily get attracted and dislodge the very sequence of the DNA, causing very severe damage to the body. This way one can easily stimulates the Micro-organism of the DNA’s through the filtered light therapy will be able to rectify the defective DNA’s in the body.

        In my new conclusion, light is the real source of energy for the developmental process of this Micro-organism that had evolved before life began on Earth. For example, Meteorites had brought life by its crystal ice chilled objects as a prenatal-life of Micro-organisms and the same had been inherited by the blood cells. In turn it influences the blood to reach-out for cold water as and when water is poured on the warm body. Immediately, a kind of freshness prevails throughout in one’s body moment the sensitive is felt on the surface of the skin organ. And the same is found in plants activity too in manufacturing its glucose (a rapid processing take place called photon transfer of electrons through photosynthesis). So, some kinds of relativity exist between water and light with interstellar gases had created the prenatal organisms on Meteorites which eventually fell on Earth.

        By analyzing these freshnesses in the body with help of the Computer Instrument. I discovered scientifically that water and filtered light rays has the power of curing many natural diseases in the body when they interact with anatomical system                                                                                                                                                                    
     Nalin Ranjan
Brain Research Work

Copy of this report posted to Dr. Michio Kaku, Scientist from United States- California” on 18-3-2018
Copy of this report posted to Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson, Scientist from United States- New York” on 18-3-2018
Copy of this report posted to Lawrence Krauss, Scientist from United States – California” on 18-3-2018
Copy of this report posted to "Donald Trump- The President of United States" on 18-3-2018
Copy of this report posted to "Late Dr Stephen Hawking, Scientist from London" on 18-3-2018
Copy of this report posted to "The Times of India" on 18-3-2018
Copy of this report posted to "BBC World News" on 18-3-2018

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