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Prevention of Renal Diseases

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   Light helps me to create this invisible growth acts as an excreta

This wonderful creation of light called photon transfer of electrons makes the impurities blood look more refine and in the process it lessens the strain in the Kidney tubules as well as Bowman’s capsules in filtering the blood. In normal conditions, the kidney tubules are unable to filter all the impurities in the blood and the left over impurities partially get circulated and get deposited in the blood vessel itself. This is why women are likely to live longer than men because of their menstruation. In men this can be easily reversed only if one works regularly in absorbing light for one year. This way it helps to carry the excess oxygen in the blood that activate the cells to store more energy directly into the body itself. In the long run, the body automatically provides a new kind of invisible minute tissues that grows and spreads around the scrotum. This way it allows the excretion urine to evaporate through the pores of the skin and sediments get deposited on the testicle’s skin. On account of evaporation it keeps the scrotum chill and cool as an air-conditioner and urine passing is mostly white in colour if you take eight glasses of water a day. Thus it avoids chronic renal diseases. 

This invisible tissues growing around the scrotum I have personally experienced it after working on my invented Medical Instrument for one year I got the irritation on my scrotum. After three months it got subdued to the new environment. And thereafter it started discharging the impurities like odourless white sticky paste over the scrotum which can be cleaned by soap or shampoo after every bath. This way one can avoid chronic renal diseases as well as coronary heart diseases.

This photon transfer of electrons increases the voltage in the brain enhancing the dipole dipole force that strengthens all ionized blood cells to carry more oxygen in them. This dipole dipole force also helps in the conduction of converting non electrical signals into electrical ones in the synapses between the two-nerve cells. It generates energy and stores them in their mitochondrial cells and enhances the sexual activity in them. This sexual activity  releases nitric oxides which removes the cholesterol plaque in the body. Thus it makes the body and the brain as fresh as ever. 
  Further, this photon transfer electrons stimulates the Higgs Boson particles rendering them candidate in curing non-communicable diseases. This has also had been stated by Prof. Ahmed H. Zewail who won the Nobel Prize in year 1999 for his invention in “Femtochemistry” that light has the power of curing killer diseases. With regard to light, I had already addressed a letter to the former President of US Mr. Bill Clinton how to postpone ‘Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinson's Disease from occurring’ in my letter dated 14th May year 2000 and they responded immediately against my letter before the announcement of the ‘Sequencing of the Human Genome’. Here Light alone won't have the ability to cure such diseases it is merely through my Medical Instrument which I patented in the year 1998. When CERN organization announced about the Higgs Boson Particle on 4th of July 2012 I gave my version who displayed my name in their Web site that "Higgs boson particle is a life giving particle for the Biological System as well as for the building block of matter." This not only makes the species to live around the globe and so are the microbes. Even these microbes existed much earlier in terrestrial objects had brought life to Earth.
Let this beauty speaks itself in life.

  A. Nalin Ranjan
Brain Research Work
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   On "World Kidney Day" dated 10-3-2016, one can avoid future renal diseases by using the two hands in climbing trees. Now this can be assess from here…/how-to-prevent-chr…
The Large Hadron Collider was finally up and running today crashing two particles together and opening a "new era in science".

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Once the embolism affects the brain, how to recover?

                                                                                                           Date 24-4-2013
  Nalin Anthoni Pillai

 High voltage in the brain can do wonders in curing diseases

      With regard to  'Regaining lost Brain function" can be got back by increasing the oxygen blood supply to the brain. In turn these neurons will automatically start firing at a higher rate in the synapses between two nerve cells. This way it can regain the brain function. This I have analyzed when my father had a paralytic stroke at the age of 86 and got admitted in K.J. Hospital Chennai, INDIA -Patient’s File No288/94. It was a winter season in the year 1999, half his body became paralyzed including his tongue caused by an embolism that had blocked the blood supply to the right side of the brain. Whereas his left side of the body was fully affected and was in a vegetable state he couldn't even speak. After six days I knew there was no chance to recover him. Since, I had invented a Medical Instrument which was patented in the year 1998. This Instrument increases the level of voltage in the brain through the medium of light which makes my brain chill that gives me more freshness to the brain. But I knew I can recover him back once I make his brain chill. On the sixth day I took my father to the bathroom it was a winter season in Chennai, INDIA. I filled the bucket with hot water moderately high and open the cold water tap and started pouring onto his head in a standing position. Mean time I closed the hot water tap started pouring gradually onto his head, within three minutes hot water turned into cold water I continued the process for another twenty minutes his body and head became chill and his heart beat also dropped below 50 beat a minute. He automatically passed his urine then I started rubbing his head with a dry towel. And due to this chillness of water blood started rushing to the surface area to protect the skin by contracting the blood vessel and the embolism in the blood vessel got contracted. But, when the body temperature came to normal blood vessel expanded and the blood started flowing through the embolism, meantime recombinant tissue plasiminogen activator drug was given to dissolve the embolism. After the treatment, three hours later my father started responding and started talking and his limbs also started moving, and the following day he started walking on his two legs without any body's help. It was amazing to see a six footer walking back and he was kept under observation for another two days and was discharged. He was a well qualified person from Kings College of London and an American Mr, Charles Wesley Ervin, The writer is the author of "Tomorrow is Ours" had written about my father's Biography published by the Social Scientist Association-Email: My father Late Mr. S.C.C. Anthoni Pillai  was the President for Dock Work Federation for all four ports in INDIA and he was a freedom fighter. After the incident of a bad stroke twenty five days later he flew to Delhi to attend a Wage board meeting and he successfully negotiated with Wage Board officials and flew back with flying colours. This show his memory was in a perfect condition even after the stroke, there was not a single bit of depreciation in his brain cells.

Here I would like to conclude once the brain voltage is increased with ionize oxygen blood neurons will automatically start firing at a high rate with the help of the dipole dipole force. This led me to discover "How microorganism evolved and started spreading on this planet." In my paper I had stated that micro-organism got developed in terrestrial objects out of chillness and radiation mixing with crystal water in space had given birth for this micro-organism had brought life to Earth. Now NASA officially confirms that "Life began in Space: NASA Study" article appeared in Deccan Chronicle dated 21-1-2011.
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   Nalin Anthoni Pillai
 Brain Research Work

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Nalin Ranjan, scientist, residing In Chennai, INDIA

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Why the Universe is expanding after the Big Bang?


                                                                                                                   Date 24-10-2013
Nalin Anthoni Pillai, Scientist
                                       Whom am I to tell this?

I saw in the 'Discovery Science channel on 21-10-2013 with regard to "How the Universe Works". In this program it was stated that our universe is still expanding ever since Big Bang explosion which took place 13.7 billion years ago. And later it formed galaxies that are still running away from its epic centre of explosion. Astronomers had stated that our universe contains 25% of dark matter and 75% of them are dark energy that makes the universe to expand. But still some of the astronomers are not convinced 'why galaxies are running away?' This phenomenon is still a mystery to all of us. Now a new study had been conducted by European Space Agency's Panck Spacecraft that there are other universes existing article tiled as Map signal existence of other Universes" appeared in The Times of India a popular news paper in India dated 21-5-2013.

     I feel every thing moves in the direction of chillness even the galaxies rotates because of the chillness created by the Black hole  which radiates through dark matter keeps the stars together. So dark energy is nothing but chillness which is millions time colder than the black hole makes the galaxies to run away from the epic centre. In my conclusion chillness have great power of pulling anything including the universe is bound to expand in search of chillness. As a result of this infinite chillness makes the universe to expand and one day it will collapse to the centre and explode like a Big Bang and may give birth to a new universe.

     Why I came to this conclusion once you increase the level of voltage in the brain that makes the body and the brain moderately chill with the help of my invented Medical Instrument reveals the facts.                                    
     In my research work too I have experienced these countless rings of carbon like substance just floating over my retina in an undisturbed way. But under the influence of chillness eye fluids behaves differently and gradually effects these minute ring of carbon like substances to collapse into one solid black substance smoothly floats on my retina (just like black charcoal chip floats on water). So, this superficial substance can be easily removed with the help of chillness created by the excess voltage in the brain through medium of light. Thus it makes the vision much more powerful.
    Nalin Anthoni Pillai
  Brain Research Work

   Foot Note :- When I narrated a poem called
                                   ‘Gentle Mourner’
                          Gentle mourner let me now explain
                          How came I got inside
                          I just forget to breathe again
                         And in the process I died.

            This I emailed to “Quantum Jumping” Website, jokingly replied in such a way quoting “Who are you to tell this all?” displaying in my Website. In turn I replied stating the above discovery as “Whom am I to tell this?” And they displayed my version in their “Quantum Jumping” web page on 24-10-2013. Here I'd just copied and pasted straight from the 'Quantum Jumping' web site for which they made no alteration in the coloring font while displaying my version is shown above.

Copy of this report posted to Mr Philip Plait who exhibited “How the Universe Works” in the Discovery Science channel on 21-10-2013 time 4:44 PM1 On 27-10-2013
Copy of this report posted “NASA’s organization” on 27-1-2013
Copy of this report posted to “The American Physic Society” on 31-10-2013