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Dark Energy Swallows the Coolant Particles

   A streak of eternal stream of white bright  vapour of
 coolant particles are strewn and thrown from its corona

                                                                                                    Date 4-11-2013
Nalin Anthoni Pillai, Scientist

Sub :- Dark Energy Swallows the Coolant Particles

    I am surprise to see an article titled as “Dark energy is swallowing up our universe, says study” appeared in “The Times of India dated 3-11-2014 stating scientists have found hints that dark matter, the cosmic scaffolding on which our universe is built, is being slowly erased, swallowed up by dark energy.
     It was already stated in my paper, since galaxies are running away from its epic centre of explosion as it reaches beyond the boundary of the universe expansion. Thereafter it enters into a world of chillness which is million times colder than the black hole. This infinite chillness makes all galaxies to collapse which will take billions of years to reach the point of singularity. Once it reaches the point of singularity it may explode like a Big Bang to create another new universe out of the invisible mass. This how new universes are created in the far outer boundary of our universe. Now read this news article titled as “Map signal existence of other Universes"  Study conducted by European Space Agency appeared in The Times of India a popular news paper in India dated 21-5-2013.

    Fortunately or unfortunately I fell liking for light and brought a revolutionary change in disclosing the hidden secrets in the brain by inventing my Medical Instrument patented in the year 1998 makes my brain much chiller by photon transfer of electrons reveals the facts "Why the Universe is expanding ever since Big Bang Explosion that took place about 13.7 billion years ago" a thesis called "Whom am I to tell this!" which I reported to Quantum Jumping -web page who published my version on 24-10-2013, immediately it was stunning most of the scientists around the globe. After this Mr. Steven Hawking, Scientist gave up his idea that there’s no Black Hole stated in the article titled as “There are no black holes: Steven Hawking” which was published in a popular news paper called The Times of India dated 26-1-2014.

    Nalin Anthoni Pillai
  Brain Research Work

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Copy of this report already posted to Mr Philip Plait, Scientist on 4-11-2014
Copy of this report posted to NASA’s Organization on 5-11-2014 who displayed my version
Copy of this report posted to “Dark matter? Scientists close to seeing invisible universe
Copy of this report also posted to Mr. Stephen W. Ramsdam, Scientist connected to Solar Environment on 5-11-2014

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