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Alzheimer's is a curable disease through the medium of light


                 Global Brain Drain on Health
                                                               Date 20-3-2015
Nalin Anthoni Pillai, Scientist

The Cambridge Neurological Society


                Sub :- Alzheimer’s is a Man made disease can be
                        tackled by a simple procedure
    I am surprise to see an article titled as “Novel way to treat Alzheimer’s” appeared in The Hindu News paper under the Editorial column ‘Science & Technology dated 19-3-2015 stated by Dr. Gotz attached to Queensland Brain Institute, Australia, was able to send a drug across the blood-brain barrier using a combination of microbubbles and ultrasound wave beam they tested the method on mice.

    Here, I would like to insist that Alzheimer’s disease is a man made disease. Basically, it is caused by ineffective of the motor cells deprives the alert status of the brain naturally leads to Alzheimer’s disease. In a slow process this Alzheimer’s disease occurs in old age caused by Beta Amyloid plague make the brain cells ineffective that leads to memory loss. This Beta Amyloid plague can be easily eradicated in human by increasing the level of voltage in the brain through the medium of light helps in the conduction of converting non electrical signals into electrical ones in the synapses between the two nerve cells. This increase voltage in the brain polarizes the brain cells that activates the dipole dipole force which is nothing but Higgs Boson particle carrying lot of oxygen that penetrate the Blood Brain-Barrier largely prevent or dislodge these ionize Beta-Amyloid plague forming in the brain. This I had analyzed through my invented Medical Instrument patented in the year 1998 stimulates the motor cells receptors in the hands which are directly connected to the few neurons at the base of the brain that opens the alert status of the brain converting light into energy and boost the voltage power in the brain. This I had analyzed earlier itself and the report was sent to Mr. Bill Clinton, The former President of United States on 14-5-2000 how to prevent such diseases in the brain which I later incorporated in my paper called “The Hidden Secrets in the Brain” dated 7-1-2001 and they immediately replied me with a thanking letter before the announcement of the ‘Sequence of the Human Genome”. Later, the same report I forwarded to Dr. K. Jagadeesan, FRCS, FIM, Founder Director of K.J. Hospital Research & Postgraduate Centre, at Chennai – 600084 on 27-3-2012.

     By increasing the voltage in the brain, it doesn't show any kind of side effects. In fact it gives out freshness for the whole body and in the process it prevents many diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and Dementia kind of diseases are very remote even at the age of 100 when they keep working on my Computer Medical Instrument.

    Whereas Dr. Gotz reduces the Alzheimer’s plaque disease by injecting micro-bubbles into the brain blood stream in addition to this they induct ultra-sound beam to open the blood-brain barrier to make the micro-bubble to penetrate and dissolve those Beta-Amyloid plagues. This seemed to be a very laborious work that takes seven weeks to reduce such Alzheimer’s disease in mice which is a four leg animal. For human it would be a long process minimum six months to nine months to eliminate the disease and it not seemed to be viable for a common man using a combination of micro-bubbles and Ultrasound wave beam.
  Nalin Anthoni Pillai
Brain Research Work

Foot Note: Pills have no effect in declining Alzheimer’s disease an article appeared the next day titled as “New Alzheimer’s drug offers hope” published in The Times of India dated 21-3-2015
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What made me a scientist

                 Why I turned into a scientist rather than a songster?
Basically I am lyricist come songster and sings in four languages including English. Usually people like my songs as I pitch my voice high and low that fetched me the applause from the audience. Since I am composer of songs and I sing according to the situation I mix my songs that makes the audience to go craze wherever I sing especially in Hindi belt area or in Telugu speaking place or in South India or in Sri Lanka but certainly it goes well among intellectuals. This how I make myself popular among the audience but it is not creditable to me. Because of degrading myself, God diverted me to become a scientist by inventing My Medical Instrument which was patented in the year 1998 brought a revolutionary change in me to discover the hidden secrets in the brain and why radium atom is not helpful to cure cancer. This made me to think "How micro-organism evolved and started spreading on this Planet" It is because of the radiation that had created these microbes in space. And when radium is given to cancer patients microbes get attracted and dislodge the very sequence of the DNA causing very severe damage to the body. This I had published on 7-6-2002 and Dr. Selva Kumar, Neurosurgeon attached to Sri Ramachandra Medical College-Chennai , had acknowledged my paper.  Now I am getting closer to Higgs Boson Particle which was announced on fourth of July 2012. It was really a short in my arm that this Dipole Dipole force is nothing but Higgs Boson Particle enhances the coolant particles at the sub-atomic level rendering them candidate in curing non-communicable diseases in human. With regard to this I gave my version to CERN organization who displayed my name in their web site under Dr. Jennifer Klay, Assistant Professor of Physics at California that “Higgs Boson Particle is a life giving particle for the 'Biological System' as well as for the creation of matter.”
      Because of this rapid action of the brain through the medium of light which I analyzed it with my invented Medical Instrument had led me to become a scientist rather than a songster. Now I want to disclose the hidden secrets of the brain one by one in my Blog Website  how to live longer without ailments such as Type-I and Type-II diabetes,  Coronary Heart disease including stroke, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, Chronic renal disease,  multiple sclerosis, and all types of cancer can be controlled through the medium of light. This newly invented Medical Instrument help the brain in the expansion of life by rectifying the ill affected genes through its voltage power. Further, it would help the future generations to avoid early disease by inheriting healthy genes.
        Thus venturing into life gives me more satisfaction than singing.
       My Medical Instrument removes headache, body aches, backache, including chronic fatigue disease in a matter of minutes. I feel this is not possible in meditation or Yoga where many people say many things have they ever personally experienced this. Whereas this Medical Instrument not only give freshness for the whole body but it makes the physical exercise very easy on the first day compared to regular exercises. I had even placed a Parkinson's Disease boy who used to sleep very early in the night but through my Medical Instrument I made him to sleep at 10 pm every night by enhancing the level of voltage in the brain that stimulates the dipole dipole force helps in the conduction of converting non-electrical signals into electrical ones in the synapses between the two nerve cells.
      In fact this invented Medical Instrument gave me more power and strength for the brain cells that made my body and the brain as fresh as ever. This freshness virtually turned me into a scientist rather than a songster.  
     Let this beauty of freshness speaks for others too.

     Here is an emotional song I sang on New Year Night at Rainbow Tree Hotel titled as"Women's untouchable emotions" got burst out is given in my Blog website for all to read
     Nalin Anthoni Pillai
   Brain Research Work
From Galileo to Hubble: new exhibition to reveal visions of the universe – Telegraph had displayed my thing in their website.
Same was posted on15 August 2013 in-- YouTube and they had also displayed my one. 

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