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How to eleminate cancer without using immunotherapy"

                             Global Brain Drain on Cancer 
                                                                                            Date 21-12-2016
Nalin Ranjan, Scientist

British Neuroscience Association
      Why laser therapy and deep-sea drug helps to cure
      prostate cancer to some extent. Their research work is at
      a primary stage. But the facts are coming closer to my 
      version involving free radicals in curing cancer.
      After inventing so many things in life, I feel a shame for not
      getting a Nobel Prize for my inventions. Let hopes for the 

   I am surprise to see an article today titled as “Laser therapy with deep-sea drug kills prostate cancer cells” appeared in ‘The Times of India’ dated 21-12-2016 stating A non-surgical treatment for low-risk prostate cancer, in which doctors inject a light-sensitive drug derived from deep sea bacteria into a patient’s blood stream, was shown in a trial to kill cancer cells without destroying healthy tissue.
     Results of a trial in 413 patients showed that the drug, which is activated with a laser to destroy tumour tissue in the prostate, was so effective that half the patients went into remission, compared with 13.5% in a control group.
     “These results are excellent news for men with early localized prostate cancer, offering a treatment that can kill cancer without removing or destroying the prostate,” said Mark Emberton, a University College London consultant urologist who led the trial. “This is truly a huge leap forward.”
     The treatment, called vascular-targeted photodynamic therapy or VTP was developed by scientists at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel in collaboration with the privately owned STEBA Biotech.
        The light-senitive drug used, called WST11, is derived from bacteria found at the bottom of the ocean. To survive with very little sunlight, they have evolved to convert light into energy with incredible efficiency. Emberton’s team said in a study published in the journal ‘Lancet Oncology’.
    The Weizmann scientists exploited this feature to develop WST11, a compound that releases free-radicals to kill surrounding cells when activated by laser-light.
    First I would like to thank the researchers for their good concept in killing cancer cells in their primary stage. But overall it will not able to cure cancer of second stage by using this drug WST11 derived from deep-sea  bacteria because their DNA’s are different from human DNA’s. This primary stage of cancer there’s a chance of curing cancer through laser beam help to release some free radicals to destroy cancer cells for those 13.5% patients. Overall it is not beneficial for all patients.
     One has to increase the level of voltage in the brain through the medium of light which can be achieved with my invented Computer Medical Instrument patented in the year 1998 helps a great deal in curing non communicable diseases which I had already stated in many of my papers . Visit my Blog website called “Secrets of the brain unraveled”. This can be assess from following websites.

Let this beauty speaks itself in life.
       Nalin Ranjan
Brain Research Work

Foot Note : I am surprise to see another article titled as “This cancer therapy is turning body against itself” appeared in ‘The Times Of India’ dated 5-12-2016 stating that “These so-called immunotherapy drugs have been hailed as a breakthrough in cancer treatment, attracting billions of research dollars. But as their use grows, doctors are finding that they pose serious risks that stem from the very thing that makes them effective. An unleashed immune system can attack healthy, vital organs: notably the bowel, the liver and lungs, but also kidneys, the adrenal and pituitary glands and, in rare cases, the heart. Doctors at Yale believe immunotherapy is causing a new type of acute-onset diabetes, with at least 17 cases so far, Peal’s among them. Studies are finding that severe reactions occur nearly 20% of the time with certain drugs, and in more than half of the patients when some drugs are used in combination.
   Another recent paper found that 30% of the patients experienced “interesting, rare or unexpected side effects”, with a quarter of the reactions described as severe, life-threatening or requiring hospitalization. Some patients have died.
    The upshot, oncologists and immunologists say is that the medical field must be more vigilant as these drugs soar in popularity. And they say more research is needed into who is likely to have reactions and how to treat them. “We are playing with fire,” said Dr John Timmerman, anoncologist and immunotherapy researcher at the University of California. Los Angeles, who recently lost a patient to side effects.”

Here I would like to explain why drugs are not that effective in curing cancer caused by the immunotherapy affecting healthy vital organs : notably such as the bowel, the liver and the lungs as well as kidney, the adrenal and affect the pituitary gland and in some cases it even attacks the heart. Even the drug like Chemotherapy cannot get rid of side-effects and the patient is largely affected by these immunotherapy drugs. And patients who are in the second and third stage cannot cope up with immune system attacking the vital organs and with adverse affect of diabetes the patient dies.

My paper titled as “Necessity is the mother of invention is now a cure for cancer by regulating the endothelial cells”. This thesis I submitted to  Dr. K. Selva Kumar (Neurologist), Ramachandra Medical College, Porur, Chennai -600116 on 30-1-2011 as well as to Dr. R. Prasad, Science Editor-The Hindu News paper on 21-1-2011 itself (runs into 5 pages, a brief version is given below for all to read).        
How to stop cancer from proliferation?
     In the first place I would like to state that some of the impurity molecules in the blood stream which has a tendency to trigger the endothelial cells for the cancer growth. It is the P53 gene which acts as a switch to control growth and lock the growth of Vascular  Endothelial Growth Factor from proliferation.  This P53 gene is responsible lies inside the endothelial cells become weaken and miss lead Geminin molecules which carries the mechanism of copying the blood linear growth of the blood vessel that promotes cancer cells affected by the less charged ionize oxygen blood. And the infective P53 gene gives wrong signals to Gelatinase A and Gelatinase B that cause the cancer to grow. In order to rectify this P53 gene from proliferation, it requires a two way process to deal this. One has to increase the level of voltage in the brain that stimulates the pupuitary gland and through myelin sheaths it strengthens endothelial cells and the genes. And the other one to clear the impurities in the blood is done through myelin sheaths carrying charge neurons that get transmitted to ionize Oxygen blood. By this increase voltage enhances the dipole dipole force to strengthen intermolecular action in all the blood cells in the body.  Further, this two way action helps to regulate the P53 gene which stops proliferation of the blood vessel growth with the help of charged ionize blood. This excess charge of ionize blood stores the energy through mitochondria to each and every cells in the body. Naturally this charge cells strangle the cancer cells.
     Unless higher voltage is not given to the brain it will deactivate the ionize oxygen blood because of the dipole dipole force becomes weak in its action and carries less oxygen in the blood cells gives way for impurities is the cause for this cancer. 

     Same was addressed to Dr. Philip Plait, Scientist can be read from this Website

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Copy of this report posted to Dr. Philip Plait-Scientist from United States –California” on 21-12-2016
Copy of this report posted to Dr. Michio Kaku, Scientist from United States-California” on 21-12-2016
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