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Why Mice immunity much stronger than Human

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                                                                                                     Date 17-11-2016
Nalin Ranjan, Scientist

British Neuroscience Association

                    Why enrich environment enhances Mice immunity
              and why it doesn’t boost in humans in spite of larger space

I am surprise to see an article titled as “Take a holiday, boost your immunity” appeared in The Times of India dated 3-10-2016 stating that ‘Altering Living Space Makes White Blood Cells Better Prepared to Fight Infections’
Going on a two-week holiday could boost our immune system and help fight infection, suggest scientists, who found that alterations to living space of mice dramatically changed their white blood cells and made them more prone to having a protective inflammatory effect.’
Here, I would like to explain this in more detail that larger the living place the mice feel they are free to roam without fear and they run about freely in the living place that boost the immune system by carrying their body weight on four limbs. Because humans are born with two legs and they preferably sit for longer time that weakens the immune system to a great extent. Whereas in mice always keep moving and sometimes it sits on its hind legs starts eating by moving its hands frequently while munching the food. And the visual eyes plays a vital role in inter changing the vision that gives a protective inflammatory effect in mice. In addition to this, mice eyes are quite far apart compared to human’s anatomical body frame eyes. In mice eyes create positive negative images by interchanging positive negative images it automatically boost the immune system to a great extent than human eyes can do. By interchanging positive negative images mice are able to survive even if they eat unhealthy food whereas humans cannot cope up with unhealthy foods because of weak immune system. Thus it makes a great difference in mice and humans in their inflammatory effects.
Nalin Ranjan
Brain Research Work

Foot Note:- Now read this news article titled as "Gene editing could give longer life" appeared in 'The Times of India dated 18-11-2016 which I am displaying in my Blog website as follow

Copy of this report posted to Dr Michio Kaku, Scientist from United States (California)” on 17-11-2016
Copy of this report posted to "Dr Neil Degrasse Tyson -Scientist from United States (New York) on 17-11-2016
Copy of this report posted to "University of Leeds Neuroscience" on 17-11-2016
copy of this report posted to "dr Jennifer Klay, Asst Professor of Physics at California Polytechnic State University" on17-11-2016
Copy of this report posted to "Dr Philip Plait - Scientist of United States (California)" on 17-11-2016

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Copy of this report posted to “Society for Neuroscience” on 18-11-2016

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