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How Elephants avoid Deadly Diseases?


                                 Nalin Ranjan to ‎British Neuroscience Association

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                                                                                                          Date 9-10-2015
Nalin Ranjan, Scientist

British Neuroscience Association
   With the heavy body mass how elephants avoid deadly diseases?

I am surprise to see an article today titled as “Scientists discover why elephants rarely get cancer” appeared in ‘The Hindu’ a popular news paper dated 9-10-2015 has stated “Despite their big size, elephants rarely get cancer, and scientists said on Thursday they have discovered the secret to the creatures’ special protection. It’s in the genes.

    Elephants have 38 additional modified copies of a gene that encodes p53, a compound that suppresses tumour formation”.
    Here I would like to say something more that the enigma lies not in the elephant body mass or p53 gene but in the eyes that are far apart from each other creates energy for the nervous system and for its body mass through its visual eyes. And with this high energetic nerves it strengthens all the encode of p53 genes that prevent most of the cancer diseases in elephants.
    It is basically their eyes, though they look very small compared to their body mass but they are widely apart from each other that create more energy for the brain by interchanging positive negative images. This interchanging of positive negative images create by the visual eyes pays way for eternal energy for the brain that prevents not only cancer but also non-communicable diseases in elephants.
   Same is applicable for the birds or any migrating bird and they can fly any distances. But in a long distant journey wind resistant also get compensated by flying in a bow shape with their communication eyes distance is maintained and they fly without food all the way. By maintaining the distance among birds gagging through their visual eyes they able to see each other even with moon and starry lit night their brain get charged through this medium of light.
Moreover p53 gene holds a negative charge and with high energetic signal prevents most of the non-communicable diseases in elephant by their fore limbs action creates more energy for the brain even for those migrating birds.
    In my conclusion this fore limbs action and with visual lights most of the animals, birds, fishes, reptiles as well as Gorillas and monkeys  survive against diseases from its in borne energy received from the external lights.
    Let this beauty speaks itself in life.

Nalin Ranjan
Brain Research Work
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