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Necessity is the mother of invention, now a cure for cancer

                                                                                                          Date 21-11-2014
Nalin Anthoni Pillai, Scientist

My dreams are coming true again as per the article titled as “Nano materials in cancer therapy”

I had adopted a simple and painless procedure to cure cancer by giving excess ionize oxygen blood through the means of light enhancing the Dipole Dipole Force to strengthen the endothelial cells from proliferation

I am surprise to see an article titled as “Nano materials in cancer therapy” appeared in The Hindu a popular news paper in India dated 13-11-2014 that the Two research Institutes on collaborative venture such as CCMB Institute and Indian Institute of Chemical Technology have synthesised iron oxide nano-particles and attached a drug called photo-sensitiser and a peptide to targeted cancer cells. Using photosensitiser along with a specific wavelength of light to kill cancer cells. On exposure to light, the photosensitiser releases free radicals that kills the cancer cells. This is more a less similar to my procedure beside they induct these free radicals are nothing but excess oxygen and with light therapy they are able to strangle the cancer cells in the particular region which seemed to be a complex procedure to destroy cancer.
  Whereas my procedure is very simple and different from others by using the medium of light I am able to cure most of non-communicable diseases with my invented Medical Instrument patented in the year 1998. This Medical Instrument polarize the brain cells through the medium of light that increase the level of voltage in the brain. This increase voltage enhances the dipole dipole force which is nothing but Higgs Boson Particles strengthening all the ionize blood cells to carry more oxygen in them. This excess oxygen with voltage power stored by mitochondria strangles these cancer cells in the body. In this case there’s no chance of blindsided to another. By enhancing this dipole dipole force the body is completely safe from proliferation of cancer cells. It’s a very simple procedure to cure such deadly diseases which I published long back dated 30-1-2011. Once again my dreams are coming true as per the article mentioned above.
Nalin Anthoni Pillai
Brain Research Work

Foot Note:- Earlier itself I wrote this thesis titled as “ Necessity is the mother of invention is now a cure for cancer by regulating the endothelial cells” which I published 30-1-2011
Same was emailed to CERN Organization on 31-7-2012 and they displayed my name in their website.

        Actually, this is a 5 page Cancer thesis which I have briefly shorten it in three lines 
"This increase voltage in the brain strengthens the dipole dipole force to act on endothelial cells with heavily ionized oxygen blood locks this VEGF (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor) from proliferation. Thus it inhibits the cancer growth in the body."

       Recently published article titled as “Cannabis chemical slow down cancer” appeared in The Times of India dated 17-11-2014 stating Scientists Finds Drastic Shrinkage, Even Complete Removal, of Tumours in Brain of Mice.    
       In my opinion this cannabinoids combine with irradiation is not the correct way to eradicate cancer.

With regard to cancer I had already submitted to Dr. R. Prasad, Science & Technology-Editor, The Hindu Office, Chennai-2, INDIA on 21-1-2011. After reading the said article I emailed to the Hindu Editor "for not taking the initiative to publish my cancer paper. Now you know for yourself millions had died in vain." And the Chairman of the Hindu Press  Mr. N. Raman, came to my website to greet me for the comment I made in my email letter.
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Global Brain Drain on Doctors' Health Part-II

Part-II Nalin Anthoni Pillai posted to ‎British Neuroscience Association
                                                                     Date 8-12-2014
 Nalin Anthoni Pillai, Scientist

          Sub:-  Brain stress causes health problem in Doctors
           How to make the Doctor’s Health more Energetic and Strong as ever?
For all these work shouldn’t I get a Nobel Prize for revealing the hidden facts in the brain
This is the second part, I am disclosing related to “Global Brain Drain on Doctors’ Health”, because my thesis runs into pages. So, I decided to split into two parts for people to read about brain’s behavior and how the spinal cord suffers in supporting the body weight. In this part-II paper it really affects the doctor’s health in the long run. In fact, doctors are not aware the amount of stress it undergoes while sitting on a comfortable chair. In order to overcome this uneasiness they take supplementary drugs to keep them fit is another way of worsening their physical health. So much so it weakens the whole body system because of lack of oxygen supply to the brain slackens in its robust activity.

     To regain this body energy Doctors have to adapt another mode of operation to make doctors’ health more energetic. To increase this energetic level they have to use my invented Medical Instrument which was patented in the year 1998 has various level of pressures adopted for different kinds of operation enhances the motor cells to stimulate the few neurons at the base of the brain that opens the flood gate for the alert status of the brain, thus converting light into energy.  This photon transfer of electrons increases the voltage in the brain enhancing the dipole dipole force which is nothing but Higgs Boson Particle that strengthens all ionized blood cells to carry more oxygen in them. This dipole dipole force also helps in the conduction of converting non electrical signals into electrical ones in the synapses between two-nerve cells. It generates more energy and stores them in their respective mitochondrial cells, thus it relieves all pains in the body.
    This unique designed Medical Instrument goes on giving more energy to the body when the eyes and the hands are in coordination with the visual thing either by manipulating the mouse device to draw images on the monitor or typing messages using the key board. Further, these pressure point nerves on the finger tips are highly connected to the few neurons at the base of the brain plays a vital role in stimulating the alert status of the Brain. By this stimulation it charges the brain through the medium of light (largely depending on the proximity of the vision raises the level of voltage for the brain). This increase voltage prevents many diseases in doctors but without this hand coordination nothing works for the benefit of health.
   On this basis I had already published a paper titled as “The anatomical Discovery of Diabetes” in the year of 2001.
       Doctors have to follow three important things in life. Firstly, the eye sight of seeing patient in close proximity of 2 and a half feet to four feet range is not good for the brain’s activity. Thereby it automatically, disintegrates the charging rate. Whereas clerical staffs working on the desk top are in close proximity in writing with the hand doesn’t affect them much. Further, this two hands had helped the Pre-historic Humans who often used to climb trees in close proximity made their heads quite large compared to Modern Man. This I had stated in one of my papers “How the prehistoric human heads became large compared to Stone-Age-Man”.  
      Secondly, these limb movements are highly connected to motor cells that makes the brain and the body physically strong. These are the ones lacking in doctors mode of work restraining the brain’s robust activity in them. This in turn weakens the dipole dipole force that lessens the strength on the blood cells carrying less oxygen to the vital organs.  
   Thirdly, in the operation theatre surgeons unknowingly put pressure on their spinal cord leaving the head and the hands to fall outside the vertebral column that makes them physically weak caused by less oxygen supply to vital organs including the back bone. The brain takes a beat under heavy stress invariably it releases cortisol and epinephrine hormones causing life style diseases among doctors. This I had elaborated in my Part-I paper titled as “Global Brain Drain on Doctors’ Health” which being displayed in my Blog website on 1-12-2014. Same can be assesss from here

      But believe it or not; these are the several factors involved in doctors Medical practice such as invariably sitting on the chair for longer hours without this close proximity of the vision deprives the brain’s in its charging rate and the immobile of the limbs pressure and less of ionize oxygen blood and thereby it increases level of cortisol and epinephrine hormones affecting mostly the doctor’s health. This prolonged Medical practice generally affects their immune system causing diseases in doctors which being displayed in my Blog Website on 1-12-2014.

      Doctors have to change the mode of practice in their clinic: After inventing this Computer Medical Instrument clearly indicates what causes health hazard in doctor’s profession. Now it is possible to eliminate stress, strain and fatigue in the body by increasing the level of voltage in the brain. For this to happen, bring the patient’s face close to the camera and let doctor visual the patient face on the screen. This way it allows the doctor to visual the patient face near to the range of one foot by seeing through the camera. And this face to face interrogating with the patient through the monitor helps a great deal. But ensure doctor’s interrogation with the patient’s communication has to be jotted down or type it on the key board so that doctor fingers are in constant movement while writing or typing. This writing keeps the doctors physically fit once start writing on electronic pads now available in the market, even more advance devices are being invented.
     This coordination of the hand alone won’t do the necessary charging unless the doctor operates on this unique designed Computer Medical Instrument. By doing so the visual light plays a vital role that keeps on charging the brain cells above its normal level. This increase voltage in the brain removes all ailments in body and there’s no side effect to cause any diseases. In fact, it makes the doctor’s body extremely energetic and fresh. To this extent, there is no stress or strain or fatigue even at the fag end of the day that why it is termed as Computer Medical Instrument. Ensure surgeons to use the robotic arms in the operation theatre by this visual monitoring through the screen with the supporting kit of my Computer Medical Instrument prevent all these ailments which normally occurs in conventional operations. This helps the Doctors in their Medical practice to avoid supplementary drugs mostly taken on the basis to regain their physical energy. Also read today’s article titled as “Common drugs impact plant growth” appeared in The Times of India dated 8-12-2014. Another article also states titled as "More vitamins More cancer" appeared in Deccan Chronical news paper dated 22-4-2015.  These common drugs worsen doctors’ health in the long run.
    After inventing this Medical Instrument about 16 years ago I came to the conclusion that drugs are not very good for health. Later, I wrote this paper on “Global Brain Drain on Doctors’ Health” in the year 2011 just after the thesis of my cancer paper published on 30-1-2011.

    Thus, this unique designed Computer Medical Instrument would bring a vast change in Doctors’ health by giving a new lease of life in their Medical profession.   
Let this beauty speaks itself in life.
   Nalin Anthoni Pillai
 Brain Research Work
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