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How the Human evolution had taken place on Earth Part-II


                                                                                                                     Date 29-1-2015

Nalin Anthoni Pillai, Scientist

How pre-Historic human’s head became large
compared to Stone-Age-Man

      My second edition about “how pre-Historic human’s head became large compared to Stone-Age-Man” which I am displaying as Part-II here for you all to know how human evolution had taken place on Earth.
   Now I would like to explain why this Stone-Age-Man head became smaller compared to pre-historic humans. Basically, the Stone-Age-Man were not tree climbers but made a living by hunting animals made his/ her right hand much stronger than the left hand and for left handers it was other way round as I had stated in my Part-I Blog Website titled as 'How the Human evolution had taken place on this Earth'. Further, this weakening of the left hand naturally led to a smaller brain for Stone-Age-Man. As a result of this, Stone-Age hunter’s head became smaller by 150 cc compared to earlier pre-historic humans. Pre-historic humans purely lived on vegetation made the difference in human head size by climbing trees mainly for food like fruits, green leaves, plants and reaching out for honey combs etc. So by climbing trees their head became quite big in size (1650 cc) than the Stone Age hunter whose head shrunk to 1500 cc and later it came to a moderate size. Later, Stone-Age hunters used advance stone tools like sharp edges stone made it lighter for the hand throw which had eventually led to a smaller head 1350 cc for the last stage of Stone-Age Man which got stabilized to that of the Modern Man’s brain.
    Mostly, the pre-historic humans used wooden poles and sticks to fight against predators climbing trees. It was easy to attack them on tree rather than on the ground. But during night time they used to sleep on the ground in close proximity of wild grass fields. Since, their heads were quite big they have used the sixth sense better than the birds, how to build hut with rough poles and sticks and over that they had laid wild grass hey stacks in a much inclined angle for the rain water to flow and drip. And this is the reason that they lived near the wild grass field closed to the forest.
    Further, the prehistoric humans were real climbers who had used excess oxygen by living on trees and sitting from place to place on the branches leaving no room for backrest made the spinal cord very strong compared to Modern Man’s Vertebral column.  Whereas modern man sits comfortably  most of the time leaning against the back rest depriving the blood flow to the brain. These are the ones that are lacking for the modern man’s brain. In fact, pre-historic humans had used all the four applications like excess flow of blood to the brain, close proximity of the vision in climbing trees and excess oxygen acquired straight from trees and the pressure applied in lifting the whole body by hands and legs made the brain much bigger for the prehistoric human climbers.
    After inventing my  Computer Medical Instrument patented in the year 1998 gave an additional boost for the brain cells through the medium of light. This Medical Instrument gave a new dimension to compare and study why the pre-historic head became big compared to Stone-Age-Man. By analyzing this, I was able to break the barrier in context to the article titled as “Have human brains reached full capacity?” appeared in Deccan Chronicle dated 2-8-2011, a popular news paper in India. To this extent London scientists are unable to experience about the few neurons behaviour (These few neurons stimulate the alert status of the brain) lies at the base of the brain which can make the brain big by strengthening the pressure over the 20000 receptors in each hand. This is how the pre-historic humans had used these receptors to the fullest extent and this close proximity of the vision in climbing trees made their head big compared to Stone-Age-Man.
    Even Northerners too uses the chest weight over his hands while sleeping upside down to make the body warm during winter season. More over upside down sleeping circulates more blood to the eyes rather than facing the eyes up that has made his eyes bigger than those who lived near the equator feels warmer. And as the warmness increases the hands cramping under the chest weight releases and leaves more air for the open body, it happened only for those who lived near the equator. Thus it made the northerner’s eyes and brain bigger than those who slept closer to the equator.
       With regard to brain, even Australian researchers have claimed that light hitting at the back of the eye can stimulates the hormones and change the brain’s activity stated in the article titled as “Light therapy for brain injuries” published in the Deccan Chronicle dated 9-8-2011. But it is very easy to convert light into energy and increases the level of voltage in the brain by using this Computer Medical Instrument that enhances the dipole dipole force helps in the conduction of converting non electrical signals into electrical ones between the two nerve cells in the synapses that strengthens the body’s cells. This increased voltage in the brain not only carries more oxygen in the blood cells that helps mitochondria to store the excess energy to each and every cell that paves the way for freshness. This excess freshness in the body can make the brain bigger and their contradictory statement in the article titled as "Have Human Brains reached full capacity" goes hey way.  Further, it enhances the physical exercise to become easy on the very first day compared to regular physical exercise. Thus, this excess freshness makes all the cells active through this dipole dipole force and inhibits most of the non-communicable diseases including pleiotrophic causing diseases get delayed. This had also been stated by Prof. Ahmed H. Zewail who won the Nobel Prize in year 1999 for his invention in “Femtochemistry” that light has the power of curing many deadly diseases appeared in The Hindu News paper dated 23-10-2002.

                         What this wonderful brain can do for you?

           By comparing and studying the Prehistoric human life and the reward I get from my invented Medical instrument would bring a world of changes in the near future by stimulating these 40000 receptors in both hands can do wonders for the brain's activity.
      This is not only possible but certainly achievable through this unique designed Computer Medical Instrument which provides pressure to the hands. And this hand receptors activate the few neurons at the base enlightens the brain's robust activity allowing natural light to polarizes the brain cells through its vision enhances the dipole dipole force which is nothing but Higgs Boson Particle strengthens the ionize blood cells to carry more oxygen from air.  This excess oxygen enhances the voltage power in the brain that stimulates  the  telomeres to extend the nucleotide  longer on the end of each strands of the DNA so called the chromosome that strengthens the house of the genome.                            

  Telomere length is an indication of biological age:          By strengthening the hands it brings a revolutionary change in the human fitness in the expansion of life. Thus it would pave more way for a bigger brain over the future generations to achieve as large as earliest prehistoric human’s brain whose heads were quite big. By making the brain big certainly makes the  modern man more intelligence in the coming generations. 
       In fact, pre-historic humans had made all the changes in the brain’s robust activity which I am able to retrieve to a great extent. Beside it makes my body and the brain as fresh as ever through this photon transfer of electrons it activates  to a great extent in charging the brain cells. Even Doctors know for themselves that antibiotics are not good for health but for rare occasion it’s alright. In spite of all this, Doctors take more of these supplementary drugs to keep them fit for the next day that naturally starts affecting the immune system. And the prolong uses of these drugs  deteriorates their health faster than the common man. In my conclusion I would like to state that the prehistoric humans were quite strong and healthy than the Modern Man’s Brain.                                           

                                 How intelligent are the young chicks
       Read the news paper article  titled as “Chicks can count from left to right” is amazing to know  "How prehistoric humans used their intelligence" about 3.7 million years ago.
  Let this beauty speaks itself in life. 
     Nalin Anthoni Pillai 
   Brain Research Work
Foot Note:-
Four days later news article titled as "Chicks can count from left to right" appeared in Times of India dated 3-2-2015 reveals the hidden facts in the brain which has been incorporated in this paper.   

    Another interesting article titled as “Coconut Oil can  help lower blood pressure” appeared in The Times of India dated 13-2-2015   that they have analyzed and stated  about ‘the reduction in BP caused by the combination of coconut oil and exercise training might be explained by the improvement of the reduced baroreflex sensitivity and by reduction  in oxidative stress in the serum , heart and aorta.’
     Since, I’d been a coconut climber and this article gave further evidence that super-food like coconut milk found in tropical countries. This had prevailed and served as a source of food and thirst for the Prehistoric humans who naturally became habitual climbers, eventually made both hands equally strong.
     And I find this coconut trees grow abundantly in all tropical countries and it bears coconuts throughout the year. Probably this must be the reason, by climbing trees made the  prehistoric humans hands physically strong even for his two legs and the foot sole is deeply curved inward like the one I have in me.  Further, by drinking super coconut milk procuring from trees had helped a great deal for the enlargement of their brain. Thus, this robust activity of the brain which had made use of the sixth sense better than birds and were able to built huts with coconut leaves by planting rough poles and sticks, had led to a comfortable life during rainy season. Even lightening hadn't affected them as they had laid the thick amount of dry grass on the ground and paved the coconut leaves on top and that's how they had slept in the forest land.
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