Monday, 20 April 2015

A solution for Mental Illness - Part -I

                                Nalin Anthoni Pillai shared a link via UK HealthCare.
  How to eliminate depression in human through the medium of light given as Part-I

                                                                                                           Date 20-4-2015

Nalin Anthoni Pillai, Scientist

 British Neuroscience Association

"Scientists and Doctors are still lacking in brain's innovative things! Whereas I had removed severe stress, headache, body aches, back ache and eyes strain in a matter of minutes through my invented Medical Instrument patented in the year 1998. And my next edition is a combination of Elephant’s depression and Human Mental illness –Why this sort of illness occurs in them will be revealed in the coming days as a Part-II edition

              I had already posted my report immediately after reading this article on 29-8-2014 as stated below

    I am surprise to read a news article titled as “MIT scientists switch bad memories for good ones in mice” published in ‘The Hindu’ dated 29-8-2014 a highly circulated news paper in India.
I am very glad to know that this experiment had turned to be a wonderful technique conducted by Neuroscientists at the “Massachusetts Institute of Technology” revealing some hidden secrets in the brain by using Light-sensitive protein and inducing pulses of light to switch the cells on and off through optogenetic technique is an exciting news for all.
With regard to this I would like to comment something more that this technique is very useful for four leg animals, Further, their experiment shows that they are making the animal to run behind female animals that stimulates the motor cells. But this will not work in human. Why I am telling this is, that we are a two leg animal thereby most of the motor cells becomes inefficient to ignite many of the synapses in the cerebral cortex because of the less activity of the hand movements. So this optogenetic technique will not work in human as our hands are lamed and less efficient to stimulate the motor activity that lessens the dipole dipole force making the nerve cells ineffective. By this action light does not transform to stimulate this vast area of the cerebral cortex leaving the synapses in non active state. To activate this cerebral cortex they require my invented Medical Instrument to convert these non-active synapses into electrical ones through the medium of light. By this action, it automatically strengthens the dipole dipole force to step up the voltage power in the brain. This step up voltage prevents most of the non communicable diseases through photon transfer of electrons rectifies those defective ones and subliming the damages in DNA by merely enhancing this voltage power. By this step up voltage in the brain it rewires the nerve cells automatically leaving no sign of side effect in the human body. Details are given in my web site, and also refer my report regard to “ Virtually Two aspects are working in the same way” which I posted on 23-4-2014. Now available in my Blog Website titled as “Secrets of the brain unraveled” which being highlighted here

  Also refer my commented report on "Addiction to Video game can make you smart" appeared in The Times of India dated 18-2-2014 which I posted in my FaceBook.
Thus, it eliminates depression in human and also non communicable diseases by this photon transfer of electrons through visual cortex.
Let this beauty speaks itself in life.

Nalin Anthoni Pillai
Brain Research Work
Copy of this report posted to Neurosciences on 29-8-2014
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Play Helps Families and Caregivers See Both Sides of Alzheimer's Disease | UK that they had displayed my report in their website moment I published it.