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Virtually two aspects are working in the same way


                                                                                 Date 22-11-2013
  Nalin Anthoni Pillai, Scientist

Virtually two aspects are working in the same way
I was surprised to see an article titled as Soon, ‘self-healing’ batteries that may never wear out” appeared in The Times of India dated 19-11-2013. In this they have specified when tinny nano-particles of carbon to the polymer applied to silicon electrodes not only conduct electricity but also has the power to rectify its defective portion on the electrodes that restores the power storage for a longer duration.
   Whereas in the brain it does differently and it works with the help of light increases the voltage in the brain enhancing the dipole dipole force to rectify the defective genes through this photon transfer of electrons. This is what I experienced about fifteen years ago in the biological system. Now it has virtually come true.

    Here the mechanism looks the same when carbon polymer is applied to the silicon electrodes that withstands for a life time by repairing and subliming the cracks through its voltage power.

   So, non-communicable diseases can be cured through high voltage in the brain by using the medium of light. It was also stated by Prof. Ahmed H. Zewail who won the Nobel Prize in year 1999 for his invention in “Femtochemistry” that light has the power of curing killer diseases which appeared in The Hindu News paper dated 23-10-2002.
    it is very, very easy to increase  the level of voltage in the brain through my invented Computer Medical Instrument patented in the year 1998 actually enhances the dipole dipole force to become more active and generates energy which strengthens the body’s cells. This increase voltage in the brain not only carries more oxygen in the blood cells but also helps mitochondria to store the excess energy to each and every cell that paves the way for freshness. This excess freshness in the body makes the exercise easy on the very first day compared to regular physical exercise. This excess energy of freshness not only makes the cells very active but it also inhibits most of the non-communicable diseases including pleiotrophic causing diseases get delayed. Thus it paves way for the extension of human life.
  Nalin Anthoni Pillai
Brain Research Work
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