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Why should the gut microbes get affected in jet lag flyers

                            Global Brain Drain on Health
                                                                                           Date 20-10-2014
Nalin Anthoni Pillai, Scientist


                            Why should the gut microbes get affected in jet lag flyers?

  I am surprise to see an article titled as “Jet lag can make globetrotters fat” appeared in The Times of India dated 18-10-2014. The study author –Eran Elinav of the Weizmann Institute of Science had stated that ‘these findings provide an explanation for longstanding and mysterious observation, namely that people with chronically disturbed day-night cycles due to repetitive jet lag or shift work have a tendency to develop obesity and other metabolic complications.
    With regard to this I would like to explain these gut microbes normally get affected by less oxygen supply  to the brain becomes less effective to convert light into energy that lessens the strength of the dipole dipole force is the cause for the obesity in humans. Unless one increases the level of voltage in the brain circadian clock can be altered with less oxygen. This I had already emailed to “Typical Cabin Configuration of Air Bus A380”  on 30-8-2013 sub titled  as “How to avoid Jet Lag on a long travel flight” and the copy of my sent email  report is given here

Date 30-08-2-13

 Typical Cabin Configuration of Air Bus A380

                             How to avoid Jet Lag on a long travel flight?                      
   Dear Sir,
         I read an article titled as "Race over business class seats" appeared in The Times of India dated 25-8-2013 that air craft manufacturers are spending billions of dallors on research in modeling and designing seats in business class to avoid Jet Lag. Business class means passenger should be 100% fit on arriving especially in this competitive world. So one should understand why the brain slackens the robust activity during long hours of flight travel affect the circadian clock so called Jet lag. Basically, craft manufactures are not aware what causes the Jet Lag and they are modeling and designing in such a way to give more comfort for the passengers  which is not helping the brain at all.
   If the manufacturers are really interested in avoiding Jet Lag I am ready to give my know how and I 'll ensure that the passenger is 100% fit on arrival where the circadian clock is not affected at all once you induced the dipole dipole force makes the passenger as fresh as ever on landing. Further, this circadian rhythm automatically adjust itself using my Medical Instrument and the passenger will have a sound and undisturbed brain without hindering his routine work.
   Here I am giving some of the important functions of the brain during flight as follow:

   Jet lag generally affect the circadian rhythm while crossing over the time zone in a short time and the imbalance occurs in the cerebral spinal fluid caused by the global rotation with partial weightlessness and the passenger feel sick on a long journey from east to west or vice versa. But it normally won't affect while flying north to south or vice versa. It is virtually caused by the thermodynamic magnetic field easily affect the cerebral spinal fluid while flying at a higher altitude leading to partial weightlessness. This imbalanced circadian rhythm can be easily controlled by increasing the level of voltage in the brain strengthens the dipole dipole force that makes the body and the brain as fresh as ever through the medium of light. This I had already analyzed with my invented Medical Instrument that makes my brain fresh once I start working on my computer Medical Instrument. This Medical Instrument I patented in the year 1998 removes headache, body aches, back ache and eyes strain in a matter of minutes. Now I am getting closer to Higgs Boson Particle which was announced on fourth of July 2012. It was really a shot in my arm that this dipole dipole force is nothing but Higgs Boson Particle strengthens all the ionize blood cells to carry more oxygen in them. This excess oxygen in the brain convert light into energy and polarize the brain cells that makes the body and the brain as fresh as ever. Through this high voltage circadian clock can be altered with the supporting kits of my Medical Instrument prevent this Jet lag from occurring as well as routine night shift people. With regard to this I gave my version to CERN organization who displayed my name in their web site under Mrs. Jennifer Klay, Assistant Professor of Physics at California that "Higgs Boson Particle is a life giving particle for the 'Biological System' as well as for the creation of matter".  This also had been stated by Prof. Ahmed H. Zewail who won the Nobel Prize in year 1999 for his invention in “Femtochemistry” that light has the power of curing many killer diseases. Further, I had even addressed a letter to the former President of US Mr. Bill Clinton how to postpone ‘Alzheimer’s Disease from occurring in my letter dated 14th May year 2000 and they responded immediately against my letter before the announcement of the ‘Sequencing of the Human Genome’. Since, I had invented my Medical Instrument I even placed a Parkinson's disease boy who normally sleep at 8 pm. But I made him to sleep at 10  O'clock every night by increasing the level of voltage in the brain strengthens the dipole dipole force makes the neurons active through photon transfer of electrons. Basically, it is caused by the inactive of neurons lead to so many other non-communicable diseases. 
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