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Women's Untouchable Emotions Unravelled

                                                                                   Date 29-10-2014
  Nalin Anthoni Pillai, Scientist

U.K. Women Health
     I am surprise to a news article titled as “Bohemian Rhapsody: Song with a healing touch” published in The Times of India dated 28-10-2014 stating “Dancing Queen” by Abba came second, with “happy” by Pharrell Willians in joint third with “classical music”  generally.  Faith in the World Week Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of the rock band Queen which runs until November2, is examining how music can change and shape people’s lives . 
    More than this, I virtually analyzed that there are unimaginable emotions deeply hidden in women that burst into laughter when I sang the song on ‘New Year night’ in the year 2013 held  at ‘Rainbow Tree Hotel” in Chennai-India It was a memorable day in everyone's life which got caught by the virtue of the song. From this I analyzed “Women have untouchable emotions” that could easily reshape women’s personality which I had already published on 24-8-2014 is given below  

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Global Brain Drain on Health
                                                                                                               Date 24-8-2014
Nalin Anthoni Pillai,
We Are Scientists Yes, so am I and please go through my inventions for the details displayed in the website such as NASA, even in CERN organisation as well as ISRO. In addition to this, part of my invention is related to 'Universe Expansion' and everyone has displayed my report in their Websites too with their emblem.



    I am surprise to see an article today titled as "Women now demand their right to orgasm" appeared in The Times of India dated 24-8-2014. With regard to this I would like to say something about sex arousal among men and women which can be achieved through my invented Medical Instrument patented in the year 1998. First and far most men and women should avoid drinking liquor, Tobacco chewing, cigarette smoking as well as drugs like heroine and marijuana, etc can harm the mental emotions in women and men deprives the very orgasm level in sex. If people are very serious in attaining sex orgasm then work on my Medical Instrument 2 to 4 hours it automatically increases the level of voltage in the brain. This increase voltage alters the metabolism through the medium of light that makes the body and the brain as fresh as ever. By working everyday on this invented system through this monitoring light it automatically rewires the nerve cells without any side effects. Further, it stabilizes dopamine secretion by this increase voltage in the brain can bring freshness to the body. Even those addicted persons get aversion for liquor, drugs, tobacco as well as smoking if start working on this system it automatically lowers the dopamine level in addicted people, once the brain increases its voltage power through photon transfer of electrons. Thus it turns the drowsiness to freshness by this increased voltage power in the brain through the medium of light.
Here is my new version about 'Women's untouchable emotions' electrifies their brain virtually by singing this song which I sang one an half years ago, that can shape the personality through emotions that literally burst into laughter.       

                            Women's untouchable emotions!
This I had visually analyzed through singing that women have untouchable emotions got stimulated when I sang this song mixing with English and Hindi film song became a very big hit among the Hindi women fork. This English version completely got merged with the Hindi song ended in a climax. By listening to the song women and men virtually got enticed and lured them into an unstoppable laughter with emotions eventually crept the entire auditorium on that New Year night. This composed verse reverberate their mind to the utmost level that could not stop them anymore what the next line stand for goes like this “My days are running off my hand, My days are running of my hand, One day, but, one day, it will end my life-‘one day”. This sexy emotion song led the Women fork to blush literally they went berserk from the very beginning of the song till the end. Literally they got moved by the lengthening of the melody of the pitch that drove them craze on the New-Year-Night year-2013. It was an unexpected song that took everyone to stand on their feet. When I sang on that New Year Night (get-together party) organized by Oil & Natural Gas Organization (ONGC) held at Rainbow Tree Hotel-Chennai in INDIA for the New-Year-day. I saw couple of fifties and sixties got excited by the way I sang all praising for the song that they laughed at me. Virtually, they couldn’t hide their emotions whereas their estrogen level hormones in women as well as  testosterone level hormones got raised that naturally shook their heads rapidly in sideways (left and right) in an unstoppable way. They were totally moved by their emotion when I sang the stanza in Hindi that ended in a climax which they never expected to end like this that shook them off by the virtue of the song. This climax song virtually caught them unaware the whole auditorium left with a burst of laughter. It was an unforgettable event in everyone’s life which rocked to the utmost level cannot be expressed by mere words because it is a melody with lyric that had caught the mind of all when I sang the song on that day.
Nalin Anthoni Pillai
Brain Research Work

Copy of this was posted to You Tube 'Lock Android' on 24-8-2014
Copy of this was posted to NASA organization on 24-8-2014
Copy of this was also posted to MR. Philip Plait, Scientist on 24-8-2014 who displayed in their Website.

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