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Global Brain Drain on Doctors' Health Part-I

                                                                                                           Date 01-12-2014

Nalin Anthoni Pillai, Scientist
             Sub:-  Brain stress causes health problem in Doctors
    I am surprise to see an article titled as “Brain’s stress factor found” appeared in Deccan Chronicle dated 30-11-2014 a popular news paper in India stating that two research institutes  such as Brain Research at the MedUni Vienna and other one is Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden  in collaboration has found an important factor for stress.

 With regard to this I would like to explain why the brain invariably undergo stress whether at work or watching TV or using Cell phone or Smartphone with touch screen facility, iPod as well as operating computer system. It all eventually leads to stress, strain and fatigue both for the body and the brain. Apart from this, it affects  the doctors’ mostly as well as surgeons in their profession’  when compared to other people who works on desk top are not affected much. Basically, they are not giving importance for the brain is the cause for this brain stress. 

                             Why researchers and Doctors are not taking my advise         
 Now, it has come true though I had said it earlier. Here the article says titled as "Heavy smartphone use makes kids 'Cross-eyed' appeared in The Times of India dated 23-4-2016 that excessive use of smartphone by kids may cause them to suffer from eye deviation, warn researcher, adding that children must refrain from viewing displayed messages. 
  The facts I had already stated while reading messages from smartphone brain automatically disintegrate from charging the brain cells that causes more diseases in the long run. 

  For example; In the operation theatre Surgeons who stand and operate in front of the operating table, he or she takes minimum one to one and a half hours to operate a minor operation. Here the surgeon’s head plus his hands weight which is almost twelve kilograms falls outside the vertebral column. Same application, applies to a common man too when I give a 6 kilogram weight of sugar bag to his hand and if I ask him to walk one kilometer distance how many times he changes the sugar bag from one hand to the other hand. In the process, the brain automatically feels the stress after walking 100 to 125 meters to change it over to the other hand and carry it. So how a tense surgeon whose posture slightly bent forward create  head and hands weight to fall outside the vertebral column,  is it possible for the spinal cord to bear the brunt for the one and a half hours of operation. On top of it, the surgeon takes antibiotic drugs to keep him fit for the next day operation. These are things that affect the doctors’ health. 

 Many of them are not caring for their brain and the brain struggles invariably not only in domestic life but even in their work place. Sitting comfortably under the fan or in air-condition room doesn’t provide any assistant to prevent brain stress. It applies even for the professional doctors who are more prone to such diseases, when they start attending their patients for long hours which is not less than 5 to 6 hours of sitting whereas their hands and legs become immobile and thus, it makes the motor cells inefficient. And on top of it they take supplementary  drugs regularly to keep them fit. While attending the patients, it greatly affect their immune system that leads to so many other kinds of diseases like cancer, pneumonia, coronary artery disease, bowel disorder, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease as well as renal diseases which occurs much earlier in doctors when compared to  common man.

    To acknowledge my statement even others had analyzed and published as an article titled as “Alarm Bell for doctors” appeared in The Hindu News paper dated 14-1-2008 stating that such diseases are highly prevalence among doctors. This is because spinal cord suffers in supporting the body weight by just sitting on the chair thus, it deprives the oxygenated blood to the brain significantly it declines the doctors’ health. In order to compensate this it releases cortisol and epinephrine hormones causing life style diseases among doctors.

    In my opinion this Corticotrophin Releasing Hormone never interferes in the protein production called as secretagogin. Once you increase the level of voltage in the brain these hormones become non disruptive receptors in the blood stream. This excess voltage enhances the dipole dipole force that strengthens all the ionize blood cells to carry more oxygen in them. Further, this dipole dipole force also helps in the conduction of converting non-electrical signals into electrical ones in the synapses between the two-nerve cells. It generates energy and stores them in the mitochondrial cells. By adapting to such mechanism there’s no side effect to cause any diseases. This I had analyzed about sixteen years ago with my invented Medical Instrument patented in the year 1998. By working on this system, it generates more energy for the body through photon transfer of electrons eliminate headaches, body aches, back ache and eyes strain in a matter of minutes. Thus it makes the body and the brain as fresh as ever.
With regard to this I have created additional web site to make the readers  to read at ease titled as 'Global Brain drain on Doctors health Part -II' can be accessed from this website 

Let this beauty speaks itself in life.
   Nalin Anthoni Pillai
Brain Research Work
  Foot Note:- Now, you'll know why this touch screen is bad for health  because unnecessarily holding and scrubbing by using both hands to operate the smartphone, just lifting the hand susceptible to weight which is not less than 3 to 4 kilograms per hand, the brain has to bear the brunt that decelerates the brain power to a great extent. Prolong use of this Smartphone in hand, brain takes a beat under stress and through wireless transmission it is possible to dislodge the very sequence of the DNA to produce malignant disease in a couple of decades. Read the article titled as  “Health risk Wi-Fi devices rising” appeared in the Times of India dated 15-4-2014.

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