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Why the Universe is expanding after the Big Bang?


                                                                                                                   Date 24-10-2013
Nalin Anthoni Pillai, Scientist
                                       Whom am I to tell this?

I saw in the 'Discovery Science channel on 21-10-2013 with regard to "How the Universe Works". In this program it was stated that our universe is still expanding ever since Big Bang explosion which took place 13.7 billion years ago. And later it formed galaxies that are still running away from its epic centre of explosion. Astronomers had stated that our universe contains 25% of dark matter and 75% of them are dark energy that makes the universe to expand. But still some of the astronomers are not convinced 'why galaxies are running away?' This phenomenon is still a mystery to all of us. Now a new study had been conducted by European Space Agency's Panck Spacecraft that there are other universes existing article tiled as Map signal existence of other Universes" appeared in The Times of India a popular news paper in India dated 21-5-2013.

     I feel every thing moves in the direction of chillness even the galaxies rotates because of the chillness created by the Black hole  which radiates through dark matter keeps the stars together. So dark energy is nothing but chillness which is millions time colder than the black hole makes the galaxies to run away from the epic centre. In my conclusion chillness have great power of pulling anything including the universe is bound to expand in search of chillness. As a result of this infinite chillness makes the universe to expand and one day it will collapse to the centre and explode like a Big Bang and may give birth to a new universe.

     Why I came to this conclusion once you increase the level of voltage in the brain that makes the body and the brain moderately chill with the help of my invented Medical Instrument reveals the facts.                                    
     In my research work too I have experienced these countless rings of carbon like substance just floating over my retina in an undisturbed way. But under the influence of chillness eye fluids behaves differently and gradually effects these minute ring of carbon like substances to collapse into one solid black substance smoothly floats on my retina (just like black charcoal chip floats on water). So, this superficial substance can be easily removed with the help of chillness created by the excess voltage in the brain through medium of light. Thus it makes the vision much more powerful.
    Nalin Anthoni Pillai
  Brain Research Work

   Foot Note :- When I narrated a poem called
                                   ‘Gentle Mourner’
                          Gentle mourner let me now explain
                          How came I got inside
                          I just forget to breathe again
                         And in the process I died.

            This I emailed to “Quantum Jumping” Website, jokingly replied in such a way quoting “Who are you to tell this all?” displaying in my Website. In turn I replied stating the above discovery as “Whom am I to tell this?” And they displayed my version in their “Quantum Jumping” web page on 24-10-2013. Here I'd just copied and pasted straight from the 'Quantum Jumping' web site for which they made no alteration in the coloring font while displaying my version is shown above.

Copy of this report posted to Mr Philip Plait who exhibited “How the Universe Works” in the Discovery Science channel on 21-10-2013 time 4:44 PM1 On 27-10-2013
Copy of this report posted “NASA’s organization” on 27-1-2013
Copy of this report posted to “The American Physic Society” on 31-10-2013

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