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How optogenetics can be improved with external light?


                                                                                     Date 29-4-2018
Nalin Ranjan, Scientist

BBC World News

How optogenetics can be improved with external light?
      I am surprise to see an article titled as “Smallest implantable device can control brain patterns” appeared in a popular news paper called Deccan Deccan Chronicle dated 28-4-2018 stating Scientists have developed implantable device –no bigger than the width of a coin –that can be used to control brain patterns.
      The device converts infrared light into blue light to control neural activity and is both the smallest and lightest wireless optical biodevice to be reported.
      For centuries, it has been known that chemicals can change neural behaviour. The field of optogenetics proved that neural behaviour can also be changed with light.
     It is now known that light can activate certain proteins in the brain to change brain patterns. Accordingly, scientists have implanted optical devices to successfully control the behaviour of rodents using nothing more than light of specific wavelengths as the stimulus.
     I would like to put it in a more perspective way that light has power of increasing the voltage level in the brain by working on my invented Medical Instrument patented in the year 1998. This Medical Instrument cures many of the non-communicable diseases on its own by using the medium of light. This had already published in one of my papers called “Virtually two aspects are working in the same way”. Same thing found in my Website titled as “Secrets of the Brain unravelled” dated 22-11-2013 . Now this can be assessed from this website
     This was also stated by Prof. Ahmed H. Zewail who won the Nobel Prize in year 1999 for his invention in “Femtochemistry” could open up new possibilities” appeared in ‘The Hindu dated 23-10-2002.
     I finds there no such ailment in my body and the medical report tests recently taken at Sundram Medical Foundation Hospital –CHENNAI-600040 on  17-8-2017  indicate that all my parameters are normal at age of 70 is shown below
My dreams are coming true once again
     it is very, very easy to increase  the level of voltage in the brain through my invented Medical Instrument that enhances the dipole dipole force is nothing but ‘Higgs Boson Particle strengthens all the ionize blood cells to carry more oxygen in them. Through this excess oxygen generates more energy that strengthens all mitochondrial organelle cells to store the excess energy in each and every cell that paves the way for freshness. This excess freshness in the body makes the exercise easy on the very first day compared to regular physical exercise. Further, this excess energy of freshness not only makes the cells very active but it also inhibits most of the non-communicable diseases including pleiotrophic causing diseases get delayed. Thus it paves way for the expansion of human life.
  Nalin Anthoni Pillai
Brain Research Work
Copy of this report posted to Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson, Scientistsfrom United States –New York” on 29-4-2018
Copy of this report posted to “Late Dr. Stephen Hawking Scientist from London’ on 29-4-2018
Copy od this report posted to Dr. Lawrence Krauss, Scientist from United States- California” on 29-4-2018
Copy of this report posted to “Federation of European Neuroscience Society” on 29-4-2018
Copy of this report posted to “Imperial College Neuroscience Society” on 29-4-2018
Copy of this report posted to “Donald Trump – The President of United States” on 29-4-2018
Copy of this report posted to "CERN. Org -LHC : We want to Break Physics" on 29-4-2018
Copy of this report posted to “Dr. Jennifer Klay, Scientist-Asst Professor of Physics at California Polytechnic State Universituy, San Luis Obispo” on 29-4-2018

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