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How to avoid heart attack


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                                                                                    Date 23-6-2017
Nalin Ranjan, Scientist

Mr. Joseph Woo
Stanford University
                                            How to avoid heart attack
                Dreams are coming true as per my version
      I am surprise to see an article titled as “Photosynthesis can save hearts’ appeared in a popular news paper called ‘The Hindu dated 17-6-2017 stating Stanford University scientists have found that using blue-green algae and light to trigger photosynthesis inside the heart could help treat cardiac disease, the top cause of death globally.
Researchers injected a type of bacteria into the hearts of anaesthetized rats with cardiac disease. Using light to trigger photosynthesis, they were able to increase the flow of oxygen and improve heart function.
      “The beauty of it is that it’s a recycling system,” said Joseph Woo of Stanford University, You deliver the bacteria, they take up carbon dioxide, and with energy from the light, they form oxygen,” Mr. Woo said.
      After reading the above article I would like to explain why Mr. Joseph Woo and his team of Stanford University that they are unable to full fill the process of oxygen to avoid heart attack through bacteria with the energy of light converting carbon dioxide to form oxygen which works only for four weeks in rats but in human it may work only for one week. This is because rat is four legs animal and its eyes are far apart produces more energy and humans are two legs being won’t produce that much of energy like the rats. The secret of energy producing in rats comes from triggering the few neurons at the base of the brain that opens the alert status of the brain by moving and running on four limbs and man is inefficient in this aspect.
     Now I would like to ask you by over feeding the rats in the cage they become more sober and less running causes this coronary artery disease making them lazy to run. This ultimately affects the few neurons efficiency at the base of the brain is the cause for such diseases in rats. Once you induct light therapy it convert carbon dioxide to form oxygen that makes the heart muscles effective with four limbs action  but unable to produce the same effect in their blood vessels which contains cholesterol plaque that makes them more sober at end of the fourth week by exhaustion of the oxygen level in the heart muscles and in addition to this their blood vessels are very narrowed by this cholesterol plaque fed in the lab test that rats are unable to live longer.    
    More can be read from my paper titled as “Good bye to heart attacks!” which I published in the year 2015 can be assessed from the following website

Let this beauty speaks itself in life.
      Nalin Ranjan
Brain Research Work

Foot Note :-   Women who work as Night shifts should be more careful
         An article titled as Night shift may up heart disease risk in women appeared in ‘The Times of India’ dated 28-6-2016 stating "Women who work rotating night shifts may face an increased risk of Heart disease, a new study suggests.
Researchers found that women who work more than 10 years of ratating night shift had a 15 to 18% increased risk of developing coronary heart disease (CHD), the most common type of heart, as compared  with women who did not work rotating night shifts.
     “There are a number of known risk factors for coronary heart disease, such as smoking, poor diet, lack of physical activity and elevated  body mass index (BMI),” said lead author, Celine Vetter from Brigham and Womn’s Hospital in Boston in the US.
    “These are all critical factors when thinking how to prevent CHD. However, even after controlling for these risk factors, we still saw an increased risk factors, we still saw an increased risk of CHD associated with rotating shift work,” said Vetter. The research findings were published in the journal JAMA.   ----PTI"

                      Now, how to avoid such risk in men and women

More can be read from my Website titled as Night Shift causes DNA damage in people” dated 28-6-2017 can be assessed as follow

Copy of this report posted to “British Society for Endocrinology” on 23-6-2017
Copy of this report posted to “Glaucoma: Are you at Risk” on 23-6-2017
Copy of this report posted to “Doctors’ Advance Medicine” had displayed Mr. Joseph discovery of Stanford University to stop Heart attack through light therapy shown in my website, later I read it in the News paper on 22-6-2017. Now I am sending my version to them on 23-6-2017
Copy of this report posted to “Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson, scientist from United States (New York)” on 23-6-2017
Copy of this report posted to Dr. Lawrence, Scientist via You Tube” on 25-6-2017
Copy of this report posted to “Dr. Michio Kaku, Scientist from United States -California” on 23-6-2017
Copy of this report posted to “The Times of India” on 23-6-2017
Copy of this report posted to “Society for Neuroscience” on 23-6-2017

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