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Tv is a silence creator of diseases in human

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                                                                                                  Date 5-6-2017

TV is a silence creator of diseases in human
    I am surprise to see an article today titled as “”TV in a child’s room could up obesity risk” appeared in ‘The Times of India dated 5-6-2017 stating “Parents, take note! Placing TV sets in your children’s room may put them at significantly higher risk of being overweight in later life, a new study warns.
    Researchers from University College London (UCL) in the UK found that girls who had a TV in their bedroom at age of seven were at an about 30% higher risk of being overweight at age 11 compared to children who did not have TV in the child’s bedroom was an independent risk factor for being overweight and increased body fatness,” said Anja Heilmann form UCL.
      “The causes of overweight and obesity are complex and multiple. Screen time is part of the bigger picture and further research is needed among older children and adolescents, as the use of screen-based media like computers, tablets increases with age,” Heilmann said.”

With regard to television set I had already published in my Blog website titled as "How to improve creativity in young children?" dated 29-9-2016 which can be assessed from the following website

Apart from this I would like to say something more about TV and why it affects the children’s brain is basically caused by the vision. Whenever children see movie pictures their wondering eyes inactivate the few neurons at the base of the brain unable to open up the alert status of the brain can lower the robust activity in children by viewing the TV screen . The non effective of the few neurons at the base of the brain can even deprive the creative activity in the brain which is caused by the non interference of the hands can even increase the obesity in children leads to physiological stress. Further, this physiological stress ultimately affects the motor cells provoke  more non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, coronary artery disease, and arthritis as well as osteoporosis of the bone. In addition to this motor cells affect the prefrontal cortex that leads to depression in some women and men.   This heavy body mass index also lowers voltage power in the brain out of stress.
     So, parents should not make children to see serial movies not more than 20 minutes in the bedroom that may increase the body mass index not only for children but even for men and women. In addition to this, it affects family people who are constantly watching TV for number of hours reduces the oxygen level in the brain especially when they are  seated on the chair.  But in the bedroom if they sleep and watch TV movies eventually eyes take a beating because of  visual eyes are more or less inclined position and the head is also one sided view cannot position its eyes correctly by lying on the bed retards the brain’s robust activity. The eyes positioning affect the focusing eyes while on the sleeping bed makes only one eye  to see the screen and  the other eye is not pin pointing correctly on the retina  is the cause for this obesity. So these visual eyes cannot synchronize correctly that leads to obesity in children while lying on the bed, it actually reduces the oxygen supply for the brain. Even if the children sit on the chair this can also affects the brain because of the body mass vertebral column suffers that begins to absorb more oxygen. Thus, it reduces the oxygen supply for the brain. Same thing is applicable for both men and women who watch movies in the bedroom.  The amount of neglected work force on the hands in the middle age can easily provoke such diseases in early age.
     So, people watching TV in the bedroom in a sleeping posture and the eyes which are on one sided decelerate the voltage power in the brain that causes disease in human.  Basically, it is the non working of the hands is the main cause for non-communicable diseases. 
Forty years ago statistic also showed a clear picture of rural Indian people had not come across of TV screen and the percentage of diabetes was just 4%. Now it has drastically risen to 11 to 12 % by watching TV serials has captured eyes in most villages in India. Even in cities it has risen from 14%  to 17%  this marginal increase is purely due to heavy traffic that had thickly polluted the atmosphere is the cause for diabetes rise in cities.
    But in the case of natural horizontal sleep shutting of the eyes increase this oxygen supply for the brain and metabolically it helps the brain in its activity.  This metabolic activity with the breathing lungs keeps the body in good condition that coax up the brain’s functions during seven hours of sleep makes the body and the brain more fresh and healthy. But my remarks for those who watch TV movies are going to be affected badly than those of non viewers.
Let this beauty speaks itself in life.
     Nalin Ranjan
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