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Watering the plants and planting trees can expand all lives


Nalin Ranjan
18 hrs ·
The Center for Public Integrity
                                                                                                           Date 1-5-2017
Nalin Ranjan

British Neuroscience Association

             Watering the plants and planting trees can expand all lives
Old wine in a new bottle enclosing this article by rewriting my old version
   I am surprise to see an article titled asExposure to air pollution may up obesity, diabetes risk” appeared in ‘The Times of India’ dated 22-2-2017 stating “Exposure to polluted air may increase the risk of obesity and lead to high cholesterol and more insulin resistance, a precursor of Type-2 diabetes, a new study has warned.
     Researchers from Duke University found that laboratory rats who breathed Beijing’s highly polluted air gained weight and experienced cardio-respiratory and metabolic dysfunctions. The pollution-breathing pregnant rats had heavier lungs and livers and increased tissue inflammation, scientists said.
     For the study, they placed pregnant rats and their offspring in two chambers, one exposed to outdoor Beijing air and the other containing an air filter that removed most of the air pollution particles. After only 19 days, the lungs and livers of pregnant rats exposed to the polluted air were heavier and showed increased tissue inflammation. These rats had 50% higher low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol; 46% higher triglycerides, and 07% higher total cholesterol.
   Their insulin resistance level, a precursor of Type-2 diabetes, was higher than their clean air-breathing counterparts. The results show that air pollution exposure results in metabolic dysfunction, a precursor to obesity. Similar results were shown in the rat offspring, which were kept in the same chambers as their mothers.”  

After reading this article titled as  “Trump slams Paris climate deal, calls it one-sided appeared in The Times of India dated 1-5-2017–The President of America seemed to widen the gap in controlling the climate Change.  Now the whole world has to suffer when big powers like America failed to support this Paris Climate Agreement pact.
I know money plays a big role to change anything but our lives are very precious than money only humanity can change this climate change.  This to happen everyone has to use their hands in carrying water for the plants and trees to grow. Carrying water by hand improves the oxygen level in the blood cells for the brain. By doing so it changes the climate scenario environmentally. Only then people can live longer without ailments. Through this photosynthesis plants can produce more oxygen is the best way of suppressing the excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Otherwise the whole world will collapse under this low quantum of oxygen rate in ppm (Oxygen rate in the cubic metre) is becoming very alarm as per the above article. If the present situation continues for another 150 years all lives will come to an end without this precious oxygen in the atmosphere.
 But without the indulgent of the people nothing can save this world including my invented Medical Instrument would fail to curb human diseases in the future when oxygen level falls in the atmosphere.
Bearing this in mind, in my earlier version I requested Google to expose to all its clients to visit my website to make their children to live more than110 years by breathing more oxygen from atmosphere. It is for their own good to live longer by bringing up more plants and trees. Pouring water by hand, plants enhances its photosynthesis leaving out more oxygen is the only way to save the world from this real crisis. My invention of this Medical Instrument also requires more oxygen to convert light into energy that can prevent diseases, thus it improves the quality of life to go beyond 110 years.
   In my conclusion everything is linked with oxygen for the prevention of diseases.
Let this beauty speaks itself in life.

    Nalin Ranjan
Brain Research Work

Foot Note: See how many people have responded: Google's Report 

Thanks for your corporation in saving this precious world

Finally Google with their embalm has shown to me on my website about Birthday wishes stated on First of July as follow
23M people like this including Farid Ali and 49 friends Arts & Entertainment Jul 3rd, 11:40 Google typically takes a week or more to reply. Nalin Ranjan July 1 at 2:03pm · The BBC website Date 1-7-2017

       Today those Birthday wishes my comment as follow

     Oxygen level in atmosphere has dropped due to greenhouse effect!

Many happy returns of the day --I wish you to carry more water by hand while pouring water to plants and trees. This way it can stimulate the motor cells to carry more oxygen for the brain. Thus it makes the brain healthier by breathing more oxygen is the only way to expand your life span. From today onwards make your brain healthier.

How harmful the Climate Change

I had written a paper called “Global Warming  can bring a catastrophic disaster to all life. Now this can be assessed from the following website

Copy of this report posted to "Dr. Jennifer Klay, Asst. Professor of Physics at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo" on 1-5-2017
Copy of this report posted to "Dr. Michio Kaku, Scientist from United States -California" on 1-5-2017
Copy of this report posted to Mr. Bill Maher, Bio -TV Show Host from United States -New York" on 1-5-2017
Copy of this report posted to “Glaucoma : Are You at Risk” on 11-7-2017
Copy of this report posted to "British Neuroscience Association" on 1-5-2017
Copy of this report posted to "Lawrence Krauss, Scientist from United States- California on 1-5-2017
Copy of this report posted to "International Women's Day" on 1-5-2017
Copy of this report posted to "Society for Neuroscience" on 1-5-2017
Copy of this report posted to "Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson, Scientist from United States (New York" on 1-5-2017
Copy of this report posted to "Donald Trump-The President Of United States" via You Tube on 1-5-2017

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