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What is the secret in Greenland sharks to live 400-yrs?


What is the secret in Greenland sharks to live 400-yrs?
                                 Date 9-7-2017
Nalin Ranjan, Scientist

British Neuroscience Association

     I am surprise to see an article yesterday titled as “Study probes Greenland sharks secret to long life” appeared in a popular News paper called ‘The Hindu dated 8-7-2017 stating that Greenland sharks, the longest living vertebrates on Earth, which lived  for up to 400 years, could hold the secret to long life, geneticists mapping their DNA say.

    They are searching for the ‘Unique genes’ that could hold the secret to the shark’s longevity.
       The scientists obtained the Greenland shark’s DNA from tiny clippings from the fin of the shark, which were caught on a line live and then tagged and released.
      The sequences the full mitochondrial genome (the complete mitochondrial DNA information of an organism) of almost 100 Greenland sharks, which included those born in the 1750s.
     The genetic sequences helped the researchers understand whether the Greenland shark has evolved specific metabolic adaptations towards extreme longevity.
     I would like to explain this in a more perspective way that Greenland sharks are believed to live 400yrs is very amazing to all. The findings I had already stated in many of my papers once you increase the level of voltage in the brain through the medium of light makes the body moderately chill. By using this technique my invented Medical Instrument reveals the facts even for Greenland sharks creates energy  from three different sources in storing energy for the mitochondrial organelles is being described as below
       The findings I had analyzed from my invented Medical Instrument patented in the Year 1998 reveal the facts  that Greenland sharks incredibly live longer by breathing pure oxygen under severe cold condition of deep water of Atlantic Ocean in tandem with that of coolant particles inside the living cells serve as energy saving for the mitochondrial organelles. This energy saving mitochondrial organelles makes the Greenland sharks to eat very less food under this hibernation cause by coolant action inside the living cells.
     Generally food is an energy absorbing source for the body. Next it is the coolant particles inside the living cells through this dipole dipole force gives relentless energy by the coolant action. Further from mineral water and pure oxygen from gills that converts light into energy. In the process these three sources of energy gives a healthy lifespan for Greenland sharks to live 400 years.
      In addition to this their eyes are far apart by interchanging the vision it creates an eternal energy for the brain through medium of light and apoptosis causing diseases become very remote in such sharks. 

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    Let this beauty speaks itself in life.
     Nalin Ranjan
Brain Research Work

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