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Can Yoga Make Inroad In Your Life

                 Global wake up for new Yoga                                                                            
                                                                                                     Date 22-1-2017
Nalin Ranjan, Scientist

British Neuroscience Association

                 Can Yoga make inroad in your health by biting?
  I was totally disgusted with my work on the computer when virus invaded into the computer hard disk a day before Pongal festival in India. Then I engaged a computer serviceman who came after five days to attend my computer that time as I was doing yoga exercise in the evening within five minutes service man arrived at my door step. I just stop my yoga exercise and allowed him to attend my computer. But within five minutes tea and sugarcane pieces were offered as a Pongal custom for the serviceman and I also ate two slices of raw sugarcane which is slightly bigger than a tablespoon size. Thereafter I immediately started doing my usual quota of yoga exercise which takes 45 minutes. But eating two pieces of sugarcane gave me more energy to do more exercise than the usual exercise which I normally do it thrice a week. This gave me a new dimension of exercising the body which prolonged more than one hour with much ease. Normally people won’t take sugar cane during exercise and they do their exercise continuously without giving a break of five minutes in the early minutes of exercise. This led me to find a new way of exercising the body without exerting the heart and body gives me more freshness for the whole body and the brain.
                     What causes this freshness in the body?
                      I am able to achieve this even at 69yrs
After doing the initial exercise for five minutes these taste buds and mitochondrial receptors absorb quickly this sugar cane and gradually store it for a longer time that allows to stretches the body in number of ways. This is purely because of my invented Medical Instrument patented in the year 1998 gives a moral boost for mitochondrial organelles in their activity.  Further, this Unimaginable energy copes up with exercise makes the body and the brain more energetic by munching two to three minutes of sugarcane in the mouth. Thus, this body metabolism makes changes for the fitness without exerting the heart. Now I read a news article comes out with beer made out of molasses titled as “New fad brewing across the world: Beer yoga” appeared in ‘The Times of India dated 22-1-2017 stating “Have you heard of beer yoga? It’s just what it sounds like: A cross between the body-bending stretches of yoga and the palate-pleasing tastes of a good brew.
     Germany’s Bier-Yoga appears to have started the trend. “Basically, I played around with it in my room with a Radler (half beer, half lemonade or soda),” Bier-Yoga co-founder Jhula told Vice last year. “I took standard vinyasa sequences, which most people have done a bunch of times, and tried to figure out everywhere I could work beer in there.”
      Now, she’s taking the concept global, with a series of events in Australia.
    Beer yoga has slowly been making inroads in the United States as well where some yoga teachers say the addition of suds has been good for business. Some classes are taught in breweries and many times the drinking is reserved for after the yoga poses are done.
Though my claim looks similar to the above version and I would like to comment whereas ‘beer yoga’ is not good enough for people over thirty-year-old may pave way for a bigger pouch in the stomach as one gets older. For which you have to do it on a routine basis minimum one and a half hours exercising to cut down the flap around the stomach which likely to arise when one neglect his exercise for time being. Whereas my consumption is very negligible amount of raw sugarcane compared to beer yoga.  
      Fortunately or unfortunately I analyzed it five days ago, but I was incompetent to publish through internet due to computer virus. Still my internet connection is giving a problem. This special article appeared today gives me one more consolation that my dreams are coming true once again.
       Nalin Ranjan
Brain Research Work
Copy of this report posted to “Dr Michio Kaku, Scientist from United States of California” on 22-1-2017
Copy of this report posted to “Mr. Bill Mather, TV Show Host at New York of United States” on 22-1-2017
Copy of this report posted to “Dr Neil Degrasse Tyson –Scientist from United States-New York” on 22-1-2017
Copy of this report posted to “Glaucoma: Are You at Risk” on 22-1-2017
Copy of this report posted to “Dr Jennifer Klay, Asst Professor of Physics at California Polytechnic State University” on 22-1-2017
Copy of this report posted to “Dr Philip Plait, Scientist from United States of Califonia” on 22-1-2017
Copy posted to “Donald Trump, President of United States” via “You Tube”on 22-1-2017  

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