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Coolant particles at the sub-atomic level leads to glacier formation at North and South Poles


                                                                                                   Date 31-7-2014
Nalin Anthoni Pillai, Scientist

  Mr. Philip Plait, Scientist

Sub:- Coolant particles at the sub-atomic level seemed to cause this North and South poles glaciers through this thermodynamic magnetic field same thing reflects in the article titled as "Magnet to cool fridges, laptops" appeared in 'The Times of India' dated 30-7-2014

Now, my dreams are coming true with the coolant particles seemed to arise from this sub-atomic level which is in the form of magnons are of quasi-particles in magnets that are collective rotations of magnetic moments or  dipole dipole force  create the spin vehemently. This vehement spin caused by photon transfer of electron enhances the Higgs Boson Particles through which it makes the body cells cool.
     This above said article has come close to my expectation as stated in my letter addressed to "The Chief, Micro-gravity-Research Division -Code UG, NASA, HQ, Washington -DC 20546-202-358-0647 dated 9th  of April year 2012. More details are given below in my addressed letter.

Global Brain Drain on Health

Date 23-7-2012
A.   Nalin Ranjan, Scientist
18, (New No.41) Seventh Cross Street,
West Shenoy Nagar, Chennai-600030

    The Chief
    Micro-gravity Research Division-Code UG.
    NASA, HQ.Washington –DC 20546-202-358-0647

                         What is next after Higgs boson- like particle?
                            It is a life giving particle for the biological system
     I would like to reveal this paper on “Higgs boson particle is a life giving particle for the biological system” which coincides with my analysis by giving excess voltage for the brain through my invented Medical Instrument to generate coolness for the body and the brain. This seems to occur from Higgs boson particle that create life for the biological system. Though I analyze it much earlier applying the technical word call dipole dipole force which is nothing but this Higgs boson particle that had come out of Large Hadron Collider at CERN and this announcement was a shocking news for me made by Dr. Rolf-Dieter Heuer, Director General of CERN at the special Conference called by CERN in Geneva on 4-7-2012. This is a most promising particle that appeared in The Hindu Article titled as “What next after Higgs boson –like particle?” issued on 5-7-2012. This I had already assessed in the name of diploe dipole force and made a remark “Does this technical word have some meaning for the North and South poles glaciers.” And the same was addressed to Mr. Barack Obama, The President of United States on 9-4-2012 with regard to Astronauts staying in zero gravity affect their eyes and brain and the copy of the letter was also addressed to The Chief Microgravity Research Division –Code UG, NASA Head quarters, Washington- DC 20546-202-358-0647 on 9-4-2012.

How these Higgs boson particles interact at the poles?

When applied voltage is given these Higgs boson particle have tremendous power to attract the coolant particles at the sub-atomic level by the interaction of the magnetic field and thereby it makes the God particle more vehement in its action. Same thing applies in the biological system where it inherits the coolness by absorbing light. This applied voltage through light strengthens the dipole dipole force (intermolecular action) makes the biological cells very active thus it helps Higgs boson (God Particle) at the sub atomic level  influence the coolant particles that keeps our body more healthy and fresh throughout the day.
This Higgs Boson particles also have influence on siphoning of water too behaves differently once it crosses the Earth’s equator rotate counterclockwise close to the Northern pole but rotates clockwise towards the Southern pole.
Further, this magnetic field at the poles influence Higgs boson particle to create  coolant particles at the sub atomic level that enhances the coolness in the Northern and Southern hemispheres by circulating vast amount of  clouds that forms the glaciers at North pole and South Pole which is being influenced by the coolant action. In the case of highest mountain ranges too retains these icy glaciers due to climate changes condense the vapour in the atmosphere merely by the gravitational pull of the coolant action.  With the slight tilting of the Earth and the revolution around the Sun makes the four seasons and with Higgs boson attracting more coolant particles at the North and South poles enable the biological system to exist around the world. Here is a scientific proof to analyze this in biological system when excess voltage is given to the brain makes both the body and the brain moderately chill through this medium of light. Further, this Higgs boson particle with the inheritance of coolant particles at the sub atomic level not only slows the heart beat  but also make the blood to rush to the surface area to protect the skin by this vasoconstriction of the blood vessels enhances the freshness to various organs in the event of receiving chillness. Thus it makes the body and the brain fresh in a matter of minutes.
     This Medical Instrument is very useful in any organization. As and when they work they become fresh thus eliminating stress, strain and fatigue both for the body and the brain. So there’s no man power loss while working at the office. In fact, it increases their efficiency by more than forty percent.
               This Medical Instrument never encourages a drunkard person to be fit because alcohol slackens brain’s robust activity.

     At the outset of this Medical Instrument will always encourage the working members to work effectively and ensure sound sleep at night. Thus it gives a new lease of life for those who are willing to work hard.

     I hope this Instrument will become handy for the astronauts to stay for a longer period in zero gravity by limiting the cerebrospinal fluid pressure inside the cranium. Thus it ensures sound sleep and keeps par with good health through this coolant action generated by Higgs boson particles with the help of light.

     Here I would like to conclude this Higgs boson is a creative particle acts as a source of energy for the existence of life as well as for the building block of matter.
  My Email ID   or Cell No. 9677216827                                                               

     Thanking you.
                                                                                               Yours sincerely

                                                                                            A.   Nalin Ranjan
                                                                                          Brain Research Work

     1.  Copy of my letter address to Mr. Barack Obama, The President of U.S.
          Dated 9-4-2012
      2. Article titled as “What Next after a Higgs Boson-like Particle? in The Hindu dt 5-7-
    3. Article titled as “Haze reveals seasons on Saturn’s Moon” in Deccan   Chronicle
        dated 12-7-2012

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