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Watering the Plants and Planting Trees can expand your lifespan

                                        Stirring Clouds bring Rains for All                         


                                                                                                     Date 2-1-2017
Watering the plants and planting trees can expand your lifespan by carrying water by hand. 
It exerts the hand to strengthen the motor cells that carries more oxygen for the brain.

                        Birth Day Wishes posted on 1st of July 2017

Thanks for your corporation in saving this precious world

Finally Google with their embalm has shown to me on my website about Birthday wishes stated on First of July as follow
23M people like this including Farid Ali and 49 friends Arts & Entertainment Jul 3rd, 11:40 Google typically takes a week or more to reply. Nalin Ranjan July 1 at 2:03pm · The BBC website Date 1-7-2017

  Today those Birthday wishes my comment as follow

      Oxygen level in atmosphere has dropped due to greenhouse effect!

Many happy returns of the day --I wish you to carry more water by hand while pouring water to plants and trees. This way it can stimulate the motor cells to carry more oxygen for the brain. Thus it makes the brain healthier by breathing more oxygen is the only way to expand your life span. From today onwards make your brain healthier.

     More can be read from this website titled as Watering the Plants and planting trees can expand all lives same thing can be assessed from this website

      Nalin Ranjan,

 Brain Research Work

To all readers of my website

I wish a Happy New Year
But my heart full thanks
Goes to those who save the World
Against the Global Temperature
Nalin Ranjan
Brain Research Work

                  Cloud Poem

I bring fresh rain to the burning plains
From the rivers and seas
My Welcome shadow for the cow in the meadow
Devoid of shady trees.

With my wings that are wide
 the bright Sun, I hide
Sometimes for an entire day
Unless otherwise gales clear the skies
By breaking and blowing me away.

I herald a bolt of billion volts
And in young minds wonder
Moments after they hear my laughter
Only to shudder and call it thunder.

I steal the show from mountain snow
Great pines groan at my feet
All night through on a white pillow
I rest a rest that I deem a treat.

Fiery are my powers in my stormy hours
Lighting my captain boils
In a canyon below is contained the echo
With flashes, I fertilize soils.
Late Ranjit Sen Anthony Pillai
This my elder brother’s Poem by Mr. Ranjit Sen Anthony Pillai who had composed two thousand lines of poetry, but he is now no more –died on 9-11-2011. In this New Year, I would like to publish some of them.
Nalin Ranjan
22 mins •
The Center for Public Integrity –Donald Trump US President

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