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Why Television affects the brain?

Nalin Ranjan
July 29 ·
                                     Global Brain Drain on Health
                                                                                                                   Date 27-7-2016
Nalin Ranjan, Scientist
British Neurosciene Association

                      Why Television causes diseases in human?
I am surprise to see an article titled as “Telly bingeing may kill you” appeared in “The Times of India dated 27-7-2016 stating “Watching too much television might kill you, according to a new study. Two hours of inactivity required to watch a TV series can raise the risk of dying from a blood clot in the lungs. For every extra two hours of watching per day the risk of fatal pulmonary embolism was increased by 40%, the researchers found. Watching five or more hours of TV programmes each day made people more than twice as likely to die than those watching less than 2.5 hours.
The actual risk might be even worse than the findings suggest, because of the number of deaths from the disease. And the danger is set to increase yet further as people binge watch even more on streaming services.
The research has led scientists to warn that such habits –watching back to back episodes of a TV series –might be dangerous. The new study, conducted in Japan, Looked at the TV watching habits of over 86,000 people, studying them over time.
Even this article had not let me down in my inventions and I had wrote it in many of my papers that TV is not good for the eyes and prevents from charging the brain cells is the main cause for non-communicable diseases. Same thing I had displayed in my video speech in You Tube tiled as “Hands job is important for life by Scientist”. And a email letter was also addressed to Obama The President of United States who Unveil the Climate Change Plan” conference was held on 26-9-2013. But I displayed it in advance on the Face Book on 24-9-2013 under the sub title name “How to Control Climate Change” addressing to The President of US stating ‘How TV affects the viewers is one of the leading causes for non-communicable diseases’.which can be assess from this website as follow

Let this be a warning to all TV viewers.
Nalin Ranjan
Brain Research Work

Foot Note: Another article also published on the second day titled as “Walk for an hour a day to cut health risks of sitting” appeared in the same Newspaper called ‘The Times of India dated 29-7-2016’ have come up with my version what I had analyzed after the invention of my Medical Instrument patented in the year 1998 had revealed the same facts. These facts I had already analyzed and written in many of my papers which I had displayed in my Blog website titled as ‘Secrets of the brain unravelled’. Also refer my blog website titled as "Global Brain Drain on Doctors' Health -Part II"
Copy of this report posted to “University of Leeds Neuroscience
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Copy of this report posted to "US Presidents : 30 Great One-liners" on 27-7-2016
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