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How to improve creativity in young children?


     Globally children are affected through Television
                                                                                    Date 29-9-2016
Nalin Ranjan, Scientist

British Neuroscience Association

How to improve creativity in young children?
        I am surprise to see an article today titled as “Even 15 mins of TV can hit kids’ creativity” appeared in ‘The Times of India dated 29-9-2016 stating that “Children who spend just 15 minutes or more a day watching television may become less creative as compared to those who read books or solve jigsaw puzzles, a study said.

       However, the research, conducted with 60 children of three years of age at Staffordshire University, found that watching TV for short periods does not impact on the number of creative ideas that young children come up with.

     “We compare children who episodes of Postman Pat with children who were left with books and jigsaws. We then tested the children for the numbers of creative ideas and the originality of those ideas,’ said psychology lecturer Dr Sarah Rose. While there was little impact of TV on the number of creative ideas generated, it was clear the children came up with less original ideas immediately after watching television.”

      For the last two months I’d been using a larger television screen not less than 32inch with the help of invented Medical Instrument giving a new enlightenment in charging the brain cells. And there no such hindrance in viewing the television screen makes my brain cells very active than through ordinary monitor screen. Now I am coming out with a new version that children can see television shows at a close range with some conditions to make the children more creative.   

      After reading this article I would like to give my comment that children are very eager to watch Television and their creativity can be activated only when they stand and watch TV. By standing they can watch close to the Tv set will not harm their eyes at all. It mainly affects the children when they sit and watch Tv. But parents should ensure children not to see movie pictures or any serials more than half an hour. (This is because movie pictures carry more pixels than the normal still pictures that can easily affect the retina of the eye disabling the charging rate in the brain.) But watching news reading or still pictures never affect their eyes and even printed wordings display is good for the eyes. But do not make the children to read the running script in the news reading speech that normally discharge the charging rate in the brain cells that lowers the creativity in children.

    These are the norms children should adopt while watching Tv which would eventually lead to creativity in children. So parents should be more cautious when children are watching Tv shows at home.

    This will give a moral boost for children’s creativity through standing posture.

    Let this beauty speaks for children.

       Nalin Ranjan
 Brain Research Work

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