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How to expand our lifespan by sitting?

Nalin Ranjan to Lawrence M. Krauss
2 mins ·
                                   Global Brain Drain on Health
                                                                                                             Date 26-9-2016
Nalin Ranjan, Scientist
British Neuroscience Association

                                    How to expand our lifespan by sitting?
My Medical Instrument avoid all health risk while sitting
I am surprise to see an article titled as “Walk for an hour a day to cut health risks of sitting” appeared in a popular news paper called ‘The Times of India dated 29-7-2016 stating “If you spend all day sitting, then you might want to schedule some time for a brisk walk—just make sure you can spare at least an hour.
Scientists analyzing data from more than 1 million people found that it takes about 60 to 75 minutes of ‘moderate intensity” exercise to undo the damage of sitting for at least eight hours a day is as dangerous as being obese of smoking, they found. And the added risk of parking yourself in front of a television for 5 hours or more a day after sitting at the office is so high even the hour of exercise is not enough to reverse the damage.
“We cannot stress enough the importance of exercising, whether it’s getting out for a walk at lunchtime, going for a run in the morning or cycling to work,” said Ulf Ekelund of the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences in Norway, one of the study’s authors.
Studies have found that prolong sitting can raise the chances of heart disease, various cancers and an earlier death. Physical inactivity costs the global economy $67.5 billion a year in healthcare and productivity losses, the study said. In the new research, experts combed through 13 papers with data factors including how long people spend sitting, their physical activity levels and their television-watching habits. The majority of studies included people older than age 45. All except one were done in the US, Western Europe and Australia.
After the invention of my Medical Instrument patented in the year 1998 reveals the facts and I started writing in all my papers that doctors are more prone to diseases and they take antibiotic drugs that kills them faster. This prolong sitting makes them weak and they die faster than a common man. Now read my paper on “Global Brain Drain on Doctors’ Health Part -1 and Part-2”. Even this article titled as “Iron tablets may damage DNA in 10 minutes: study” appeared in The Times of India dated 15-2-2016 stating “Concentrations of iron similar to those delivered in standard treatments such as tablets and infusions may trigger DNA damage within 10 minutes, a new study has claimed, iron is essential for the body to function and has a crucial role in transporting oxygen.” Apart from this, read another article tiled as “Finally, tech to boost old drugs with hydrogen is here” which had appeared in The Times of India dated 19-9-2016
• It leaves Medicine In Bloodstream Longer, Cutting Down Frequency Of Pill Intake & Reducing Side –Effects (here I would like to comment that drugs are not good: all these while doctors prescribing medicine had gradually affected the patient’s metabolism by and large.
I even stated in my paper “How to make the Doctor’s Health more Energetic and Strong as ever?” In my Blog website titled as “Global Brain Drain on Doctors Health” which can be asses from these two websites…/global-brain-drain……/global-brain-drain…

How long to sit on the desk work
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After reading the above article dated 29-7-2016, I would like to conclude that drug is not the ultimate remedy for all non-communicable diseases. It can be easily tackled through the medium of light that activates the dipole dipole force which is nothing but Higgs boson particle rendering them as candidate in curing deadly diseases and is a creative particle acts as a source of energy for the existence of life as well as for the building block of matter.
Nalin Ranjan
Brain Research Work
Copy of this report posted to “Dr Michio Kaku, a Scientist of United States- California” on 26-9-2016
Copy of this report posted to “Dr Stephen Hawking –Scientist from England” on 26-9-2016
Copy of this report posted to Dr Philip Plait, Scientist of United States” on 26-9-2016
Copy of this report posted to “Society for Neuroscience” on 26-9-2016
Copy of this report posted to “Dr Neil Degrasse Tyson, Scientist of United States-New York” on 27-9-2016
Copy of this report posted to "Dr Lawrence M.Krauss, Scientist of United States: on 27-9-2016
Copy of this report posted to “Dr Jennifer Klay, Asst Professor at California Polytechnic State University” on 27-9-2016
Copy of this report posted to “ Dr Joe Incandela, Particle Physicist-Spokesman at CERN Org. Geneva’ on 27-9-2016

Copy of this report posted to “Debate Prep? Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Differ on that” via on 28-9-2016

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