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How to eliminate Alzheimer's Disease caused by pollution?


Global Brain Drain on Health
                                                                                Date 7-9-2016
 Nalin Ranjan, Scientist

 British Neuroscience Association

          How to eliminate Alzheimer’s disease caused by pollution?

    I am surprise to see an article today titled as “Pollution is bad for brain, triggers Alzheimer’s” appeared in popular News paper called ‘The Times of India’ dated 7-9-2016 stating that “Researchers at Lancaster; Oxford and Manchester University discovered microscopic spheres of the mineral magnetite in the brains of 37 people in Manchester and Mexico who has suffered neurodegenerative disease.
    This strongly magnetic mineral is toxic and has been implicated in the production of reactive oxygen species (free radicals) in the human brain, which are associated with neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s disease.
    Professor Barbara Maher, from Lancaster Environment Centre, used spectroscopic analysis to identify the particles as magnetite.
    Here I would like to comment on this article that spherical magnetite particles are caused by car engines and break shoes as stated by Professor Barbara Maher from Lancaster Environment Centre has observed through spectroscopic analysis seemed to be different from angular magnetite particles that are believed to form naturally within the brain. But most of the observed particles were spherical which has a diameter up to 150nanometres and some with fused surfaces, pointing to high temperature formation such as from vehicle engines or open fires. The spherical particles are often accompanied by nano-particles containing other metals, such as platinum, nickel and cobalt can easily pass through Blood-brain-barrier causes such diseases in the brain and one among them is Alzheimer’s disease. Since, ion contents are involved in these magnetite spherical particles inhaled through the olfactory nerve gets agitated with the free radicals that suppress the angular magnetite particles by the insufficient voltage power in the brain. So this kind of Alzheimer’s disease can be eliminated through the medium of light, once you increase the level of voltage in the brain.

   My version on Alzheimer’s disease I had already displayed in my Blog Website titled as Secrets of the brain unraveled. Now it can be assess from here

Another report also had been published by me titled as “Alzheimer’s is a Man made disease can be tackled by a simple procedure” dated 20-3-2015 posted via www.telegraph.co.uk

Another report on environment addressed to "Obama, The President who unveil the Climate Plan" conference held on 26-9-2013. Now, this can be assess as follow

Also read another article tiled as “Now, pollution linked to diabetes too” appeared after three days in  ‘The Times of India’  dated 10-9-2016

Most stunning article titled as “1.4m lives lost in India due to air pollution in ’13: Study” appeared after two day in’The Times of India dated 9-9-2016 Now read this statistic given below
India lost 1.4 millions to air pollution in 2013, while in China the toll was 1.6million, estimates a World Bank report released on Thursday.
           Most air Pollution deaths in China:
           Total deaths from air pollution              Deaths per Million
·        Georgia                           7995                    2,117
·        Cambodia                      19595                   1300
·        HongKong SAR, China  9235                    1285
·        China                         16,25164                   1197
·        Lao PDR                           7251                    11o2
·        India                              14,03136                1097 
·        Central African Republic   5161                1096
·        Ukraine                              49078                1079
·        Belarus                                9816                1037
·        Bulgaria                               7297                1004
·        Bangladesh                    1,54898                  986
·        Sri Lanka                           19693                  957
·        South Sudan                       9966                  870
·        Kyegyz Republic                 4952                 866
·        Pakistan                           156191                 862
    The report, released by the Bank and the Institute for health Metrics and evaluation, show that in 2013 more than five million deaths worldwide were attributed to health conditions caused by air pollution. About 60% of them were in the world’s two most populous countries.

Again another reported titled as “Report: In India, 1.6m premature death/year tied to air pollution” published in ‘The Times of India dated 28-6-2016

                                    Statistic as per 2015 figures
               Total premature       Due to household Due to outdoor
               deaths due to            air pollution         air pollution
               air pollution
Globally       6.5 million                     3.5 million                       3 million
INDIA         1.6 million                     1  million                            590,000
CHINA           2.2 million                  1.2 million                       1 million

                                                            Projection (2040
Globally         7.5 million                           3  million                 4.5 million
INDIA           1.7 million                            800,000                     900,000
CHINA          2.5 million                            1 million                 1.5 million
                                 Statistic given as per the News paper
This harmful climate change leaving more room for diseases can be read from this article too titled as “Climate change linked to rise in kidney ailments” appeared in ‘The Times of India’ dated 10-5-2016. These articles had led me to compose a song on “Climate Change has brought a change in every life” (which I want to voice high through this melodious song. Further this rising temperature out of cars, trucks, ships and planes as well as tanneries produces these pollution around the globe. But more than me Professor  Barbara Maher  announced a deadly disease arising out of pollution.

     Nalin Ranjan
Brain Research Work

Foot Note :-Even Professor Barbara Maher attach to Lancaster Environment Centre has specified about the magnetite spherical particles affect the human brain through polluted environment helped me to tackle such diseases in the brain through the medium of light.
Thanks for giving this information to all, can make the world a clean place for all to live.

Copy of this report posted to "University of Leeds Neuroscience " on 7-9-2016
Copy of this report posted to “Dr Michio Kaku, Scientist of United States- California on 7-9-2016
Copy of this report posted to “Kings College London Neuroscience” on 8-9-2016
Copy of this report posted via ‘You Tube’ 8-9-2016
Copy of this report posted to “Dr Joe Incandela, Particle Physicist-Spokeman at CERN Org. Geneva” on 8-9-2016 via www.telegraph.co.uk

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