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How to eliminate Computer Vision Syndrome


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Nalin Ranjan, Scientist
British Neuroscience Association
                                           What causes computer vision syndrome?

         Researchers and doctors are yet to find out the cause for this computer vision syndrome

I am surprise to see an article today titled as “Millions at risk of computer vision syndrome” appeared in The Times of India dated 31-5-2016 stating that After resting her eyes for a while, the discomfort abates but it quickly returns when she goes back to the computer. Dr. Reitano has a condition called computer vision syndrome. She is hardly alone. It can affect anyone who spends three or more hours a day in front of computer monitors and the population at risk is potentially huge.
Worldwide, up to 70 million workers are at risk for computer vision syndrome. In a report about the condition written by eye care specialists in Nigeria and Botswana and published in Medical Practice and Reviews, the authors detail an expanding list of professionals at risk –accountants, architects, bankers, engineers, flight controllers, graphic artists, journalists, academicians, secretaries and students –all of whom “cannot work without computers.” And that’s not counting the millions of children and adolescents who spend many hours playing computer games.
Studies have indicated 70% to 90% of people who use computers extensively have one or more symptoms of computer vision syndrome.

Here I would like to say “Why this computer vision syndrome occur in some men and women and 70% to 90% already affected worldwide by operating the computer for longer hour especially night shift goers are the worst affected people.

This is because when you monitor the screen with two eyes and the motor cells are not perfectly triggering the few neurons at the base of the brain which is largely connected to alert status of the brain. This deprivation of the oxygen supply to the brain largely affect the brain functions in converting light into energy is the cause for this computer vision syndrome. With less oxygen if you start operating the computer for longer hours can bring more complication related to problems like blurred eyes or double vision, burning, itching, dryness and redness of eyes.

Besides Headache, body aches ,back ache and eyes strain which I can remove in a matter of minutes through the medium of light.

Basically, it is caused by the inefficient of the motor cells are connected to few neurons at the base of the brain is not triggering correctly to open up the alert status of the brain. This alert status deprives in conversion of light into energy that lowers the voltage power in the brain. And in the process it even weakens the ionize blood cells in carrying less oxygen in them. All of them are responsible for this computer vision syndrome arising out of the computer operation.

Now, I have brought out a new version in converting light into energy by using my computer Medical Instrument patented in the year 1998 can easily boost the voltage in the brain through the medium of light. This increase voltage in the brain removes all ailments in the body and makes the body and the brain as fresh as ever without causing any side effects. In this mode of operation it speaks a lot “The more you work the more fresh you are”

Let this beauty speaks itself in life.


Nalin Ranjan

Brain Research Work 

Foot note:- In addition to the above one I had displayed another version in my Blog Website titled as "Why the blood vessel expanse during headache" can be assess from this website

Copy of this report posted to Dr Michio Kaku, Scientist, from United States of California” on 1-6-2016

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Copy of this report posted to "Neil Degrasse Tyson, Scientist" of United States -California" on 1-6-2016

Copy of this report posted to “Society for Neuroscience” on 2-6-2016

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