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How to remove infertility in Men and Women

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Nalin Ranjan
                                                                                                                Date 27-5-2016
Nalin Ranjan, Scientist
British Neuroscience Association

                         What cause infertility in Men and Women?
I am surprise to see an article titled as “New Protein sheds light on sperm infertility” appeared in “The Hindu dated 5-9-2003 stating “A protein that is required for a sperm to bind to an egg during the process of fertilization has been identified by a new study, which has been published in the journal Cell. This research provides new insight into the molecular mechanisms involved in initial events of sperm-egg association and may shed light on male infertility.
    There are variety of factors that can lead to male infertility, including defects in sperm motility and insufficient sperm production. However, in many cases, the sperm of infertile men appear to be completely normal. Barry D. Shur, professor and chair of cell biology at Emory University School of Medicine and postdoctoral fellow Michael A. Ensslin, took a close look at the specific molecules and events required for a sperm to recognize an egg so that fertilization can take place. The researchers identified a protein on the surface of mouse sperm that is required for the sperm to successfully bind to the outside of the egg. The protein, called SEDI. Binds specifically to unfertilized eggs after it has been fertilized eggs and no longer recognizes an egg after it has been fertilized. When examined in the lab, sperm without the protein were unable to bind to an egg.
   Here I would like to say something connected to infertility in men due to a protein called SEDI which is lacking the electrical charge unable to associate with the unfertilized egg. Same thing can happen in women when electrical charges is not associated with  unfertilized egg that weakens the dipole dipole force and the sperm invading fails  to bind with the unfertilized egg. This is the main cause for infertility for both men and women when electrical charges are weakened.
    This fall off electrical charge can be upgraded through the medium of light act as a source of energy which I am able to achieve with my invented Medical Instrument patented in the year 1998 can easily power this biological system. Thus it removes the infertility in men and women by this electrical charge.

                                 What light can do for you?               

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    Let this beauty speaks itself in life.
Nalin Ranjan
Brain Research Work
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