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Hands play an important role in the prevention of diseases

                                   Global Brain Drain on Health
                                                                                                                 Date 23-5-2016
Nalin Ranjan, Scientist

British Neuroscience Association

Why humans are more susceptible to diseases?
    I am surprise to see an article titled as “Why feeding monkeys is bad for them” appeared in a popular news paper called ‘The Times of India’ dated 23-5-2016 stating that by just “Feeding wild monkeys may pose risk to their health by making them large in size, more susceptible to diseases and stressed, a new study on macaques in Morocco has found.
      Researchers led by Laetitia Marchal from University of Roehampton in the UK compared the health of two groups of wild Barbary macaques in Morocco. One group spent nearly 50% of their feeding activity eating food provided by humans. The other group relied on natural food resources. The macaques which ate food from tourists were found to have poorer quality fur, with some patches of alocepecia, and also suffered from higher level of stress hormones compared with other group.”
     The study found from two groups of wild Barbary macaques in Morocco, one group spent 50% of their feeding provided by human and the other group ate food totally depending from natural food resources. Here I would like to say that this non-fed group of wild Barbary macaques are physically very active by using their two hands in climbing trees in order to eat food provided by the trees played a vital role in the prevention of non communicable diseases. In the case 50% of those wild Barbary macaques spent eating food provided by human had limited their eating habit in trees largely reduce their hands activity in climbing trees is the major cause for the miscarriage of birth as their reproductive embryos become unhealthy due to non exertion of the two hands prevent them from giving birth.
    This non exertion of the two hands also affect the male monkeys spermatozoa growth of fertility.
These findings I had already stated in my video speech which I published via ‘You Tube’ titled as “Hand job is important for life by Scientist”. Here I would like to say it again ‘Once you exert your hands in climbing trees with bear legs along with close proximity of the visual eyes can easily prevent most of the non Communicable diseases inclusive of depression in human. Now the above article shows a clear indication how diseases are induced in monkeys when hands are not used to the maximum.
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Let this beauty speaks itself in life.
Nalin Ranjan
Brain Research Work
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