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What is the best way of preventing osteoporosis?


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                                                                               Date 3-6-2016
Nalin Ranjan, Scientist
 British Neuroscience Association
                What is the best way of preventing osteoporosis?
    I read a most stunning news article titled as “Fearing drugs’ side effects, Americans brave osteoporosis” appeared in ‘The Times of India dated 3-6-2016 news being published stating “The fear has been fuelling by reports of the drugs’ causing Jawbones to rot and thigh bones to snap in two patients. Use of prescribed osteoporosis drugs fell by 50% from 2008 to 2012.”  Study also shows that 10 to 40 in 1,00000 osteoporosis patients taking the drugs have sustained broken thigh-bones. And fewer than one in 1,00000 jawbone rotten had scared the patients to take further drugs with regard to osteoporosis.
       Here I would like to say something related to Osteoporosis and why this is occurring in some people is mainly due to non-exertion of the two hands against the wall. Besides they are least bothered to run on the stair case, this eventually makes them to carry lesser weight in the hands are the ones that lead to osteoporosis. In addition to this, they had failed to take brisk walking on a regular basis. And people who woke late are likely to miss out the morning sun strolling can easily provoke this disease much earlier in their middle age.
        My sincere appeal to all parents to encourage their children to climb trees or iron post that exerts all the four limbs to the maximum level. This way it not only prevents osteoporosis but the close proximity of the eyes in climbing trees helps a great deal in the prevention of diseases. These facts I had analyzed through my invented Medical Instrument patented in the year 1998 reveals the hidden secrets in the brain.
       Another version of this I had displayed in my Blog Website titled as “Sitting is the main cause for health hazard: Researchers” date 21-4-2016. Now this can be assess from here

      Every man and woman after thirty five-year of age have to practice yoga and meditation for thirty minutes at least thrice a week on routine basis to keep the body flexible. Especially, women should use their hands in grinding the spices using the ammi callu (a two piece of granite stones where one piece rolls on the block stone, a term used in Tamil word for grinding) make the vertebral column to move forward and backward is a very good exercise for the spinal cord is essential in delivering healthy babies without cesarean.  Now, most of the women have neglected grinding on ammi callu as well as washing clothes by hands are the ones that makes the body inefficient to do more work. By neglecting their hands work can easily cause diseases in women.
To cope up with hands work I had invented a new Medical Instrument that removes all ailments in the human body. By working on this Medical Instrument through the medium of light, it gives a new lease of life to everyone.

Let this beauty speaks itself in life.  
    Nalin Ranjan
Brain Research Work
Copy of this report posted to “Society for Neuroscience” on 3-6-2016
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