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Brain Drain caused by eyes

                   Global Brain Drain cause by human eyes
                                                                                                              Date 22-12-2015
Nalin Ranjan, Scientist

British Neuroscience Association

                     Now it is possible to live more than 130 years
    All three nations scientists had opened our eyes making it possible to live more than 130 years as per the articles titled as “Cure for age-related blindness in sight dated 30-9-2015 again another article titled as “Found a way to grow retinal nerve cells in lab” dated 4-12-2015. In addition to this another article titled as “Pig’s Cornea restore Chinese man’s sight” dated 22-12-2015. All these have appeared in ‘The Times of India’. Further to strengthen our age one more article titled as “It will soon be possible to re-grow a lost tooth” dated 20-12-2015 also had appeared in The Times of India. If all these missions become successful definitely Man can easily live more than 130 years with the help of my invented Computer Medical Instrument. Why I am telling this, because light plays a vital role in boosting energy for the nervous system in replacing all the dead cells in the body that keeps the vital organs very active, in the process it makes the brain and the body as fresh as ever. And teeth are also important to break the food particles into smaller particles for the easy digestion.
   All those bio-engineering of embryonic stem cells and Pig cornea as well as single root canal cells are so vital to avoid non-communicable diseases. Further, it enhances the Man to live more than 130 years by using this Computer Medical Instrument which helps in converting light into energy. Thus it makes the brain more robust leaving no room for early diseases.
 With regard to this I had already displayed in my Blog website ‘Secrets of the brain unraveled one titled as “How to prevent glaucoma from occurring” dated 13-7-2015 and the other one as “Brain Drain caused by Photoreceptors” dated 01-10-2015. Now this website can be easily accessed from here

                      Why my eyes are powerful led to another discovery
This also can be accessed from this following website

Let this beauty speaks itself in life.
A.   Nalin Ranjan
Brain Research Work|By accovaBrain Scientist

Copy of this report posted to "Dr Michio Kaku, Scientist" on 22-12-2015
Copy of this report posted to Dr, Stephen Hawking, Scientist" on 22-12-2015
Copy of this report posted to “Society for Neuroscience”l on 2212-2015
Copy of this report posted to “University of Leeds Neuroscience” on 23-12-215
Copy of this report posted toDr Joe Incandela- Particle Physicist, Spoke person at CERN Org dated 24-12-2015
Why the Universe is expanding after the Big Bang?
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