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Why the blood vessel expanse during headache?

                         Global Brain Drain on Health
                                                                                             Date 8-12-2015
Nalin Ranjan, Scientist
British Neuroscience Association
     I am surprise to see two articles titled as “How to stop Migraine from affecting your life every Day” appeared on 8-11-2015 and the other one titled as “Dizzy? It could be cybersickness” appeared on 16-11-2015. Both these article had appeared in popular News paper in India called ‘The Times of India. One article states migraine arises out of genetic disorder and the other article states that 50% to 80% of people by watching digital content from high end devices.
     Here, I would like to say something more about headache, dizziness and nausea which seemed to arise out of visual lights that hit the brain. And the oxygen supply to the brain, it is solely deprived by the motor cells not opening up more channels in the brain to convert light into energy is the cause for this debilitating pain in the head. Same thing I had said it in my face book sub-titled as “Headache triggers in many ways in human and the cause is unknown till now” is being displayed once again as follow
                                    Global Brain Drain on Health         
                                                                                           Date 25-5-2014
Nalin Anthoni Pillai, Scientist

                         Sub : Headache triggers in many ways in human and
                                   the cause is unknown till now!

   I am surprise to see an article titled as “Now take botox shots for relief for headache” published in a popular news paper called The Times of India dated 25-5-2014
       After inventing my Medical Instrument in the year 1998 I found many things are connected to the brain and one among them is light.  And with my Medical Instrument it is easy to convert light into energy that increases the voltage power in the brain which plays a vital role in curing deadly diseases.  Once the oxygen supply is lessened, brain struggles to converting light into energy causes this headache in human. 
       This insufficient of Oxygen to convert light into energy creates this migraine that can arise in so many ways such as difference in lens power sometimes out of computer operation or watching TV serials or wearing contact lenses not having right power or operating smart phones while reading messages at close range that causes headache in some humans. These types of migraine can be easily removed in a matter of minutes through the medium of light. I personally advise doctors not to prescribe any medicine or drugs to the patients who have chronic migraine. Actually, brain finds it difficult to boost the energy with limited oxygen supply causes this headache.  Here oxygen is needed to convert light into energy which I am able to do it with the help of my invented Medical Instrument patented in the year 1998 gives out more oxygen. This excess oxygen to the brain strengthens the voltage power through the medium of light. Thus, it eliminates headache, body aches and back ache and eyes strain in a matter of minutes.
       This lack of oxygen in the brain causes this Migraine resulting in enlargement of blood vessel which is normally caused by the action of the sympathetic nervous system that releases chemicals involuntarily that eventually causes nausea, Diarrhea and vomiting for those chronic migraine patients requires lot of sleep to tackle this immense pain in the brain.
                                   Why the blood vessel expanse
       My treatment as well as those chronic migraine patients’ brain trying to work in the same principle where it try to expand the blood vessels through chemical means  to bring more oxygen blood to solve this problem . But, I try to tackle it at the very root by strengthening the blood cells to carry more oxygen by stepping up the voltage power in the brain without indulging in the expansion of the blood vessels eliminate this migraine in no time through this dipole dipole force which is nothing but Higgs Boson Particles rendering them as candidate in curing non-communicable diseases. This is the difference between migraine patients who lack this oxygen supply basically caused by the chemical reaction involvement makes the blood cells inefficient. And whereas my treatment is fast in removing migraine by the conversion of light into energy brings in more oxygen in the blood cells through this dipole dipole force. 

Thus, it is possible to eliminate migraine by mere conversion of light into energy with my invented Medical Instrument is the best therapy rather than this kind of botox injection or medicine therapy stated in the News papers.  

                                          How powerful our eyes are?

More can be read from my Blog Website called "Secrets of the brain unravelled" titled as "Broken spectacle glass can it do wanders for the brain". This can be assessed from here

          After going through this 'Broken spectacle glass' again my new spectacle glass broke comparably with lesser amount of cracks on the two viewing glass than the earlier broken spectacle stated in the above said website. But this time the newly broken viewing glass didn't allow me to work on my invented Medical Instrument. From these two broken spectacles I was able to analyze that there is a pinpoint on the retina that is not getting the pure light of seven colors processed into the optic nerve affecting a particular gene in the visual cortex that causes the headache by mere refraction of light makes the brain ineffective. 


      Nalin Ranjan

 Brain Research Work

Copy of this report posted to “Dr. Philip Plait, Scientist” on 8-12-2015

Copy of this earlier report posted to “British Neuroscience Association” on 8-12-2015
Copy of this report posted to "Dr Joe Incandela CMS Spoke person at CERN Org. on 10-12-2015
Copy of this report posted to "National Stroke Association" on 10-12-2015
Copy of this report posted to “Dr Michio Kaku, Scientist” on on 11-12-2015
Copy of earlier report posted to “Space Travel impact Eyes, Brain” on 25-5-2014
Copy of earlier report posted to “Web MD Medicine” on 25-5-2014
Copy of this report posted to "Mr. Barack Obama, The President Of United States" who spoke in the conference under 'Climate Change  Agreement' held in Paris, France recently. Where it was displayed in  UK 'The Telegraph' on 13-12-2015                                                                  

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