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Dysfunction of the Sexual arousal in Men and Women

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                                                                                        Date 5-2-2015
 Nalin Anthoni Pillai, Scientist
 Michio Kaku - Scientist
 United States (California)

                              What causes infertility in women?
      I am surprise to see an article titled as “Impossible to create eggs using stem cells” appeared in The Hindu News paper dated 5-2-2015 stating 'A new study suggests that infertility cannot be successfully treated with stem cells, causing doubt on an old theory that it is possible to create new eggs with the help of stem cells'.
     With regard to this I had already stated in my Face Book on 13-5-2014 and the full version is given below
                                                                                       Date 13-5-2014
  Nalin Anthoni Pillai, Scientists

                            Sub: Toothpaste, Sunscreen and Soap
                       Article appeared in TOI website on 13-5-2014
      Analyzing with my invented 'Medical Instrument' patented in the year 1998 reveals the facts that infertility arises out of many factors. First thing is GDF11 is not sufficiently effective in the blood cells to do the needful. Further it is being triggered by less oxygen in the blood cells create this infertility especially in women. Even Pepsi and coco cola plus unhygienic water drinking from plastic cans and radio signals from Telephone towers including Wi-Fi gadgets have an impact on human fertility and so are the  smart-phone users and micro oven and unknowingly operating the computer for longer hours without proper sleep are the factors for infertility in men as well as in women. Further, using diesel cars and trucks especially driving vehicles for longer hours on the high way and focusing on far view roads makes it still worse and lowers the charging rate for the brain cells leads to infertility in men and women. So to say, it even miscarriages woman’s pregnancy and sometimes it affects the fetus growth in women.  Further, smoking women lessens the oxygen supply to the placenta during gestational periods it affects the child’s growth in the womb.  Consuming liquor as well as drugs like Heroin and Marijuana, tobacco chewing inclusive of diabetes (of Type-I and Type-II) in the long run have a greater impact on fertility that causes the dysfunction of the sexual arousal for both men and women.
  Nalin Anthoni Pillai
Brain Research Work

                Women need not have to worry hereafter                    
       This Medical Instrument automatically increases the level of voltage in the brain through the medium of light that enhances the dipole dipole force stimulating mitochondria cells to store more energy in them.  By this high voltage it energizes Mitochondria organelles to produce healthy eggs in women after the menstrual period and also improve sex arousal in women virtually giving way for a healthy fetus growth during gestational periods. Basically, it is the high voltage in the brain enhances this dipole dipole force which is nothing but Higgs Boson Particle carrying more oxygenated blood to the placenta through the fetal tube.  For more details refer my Blog website under the sub heading titled as “Exercise plays a vital role in enhancing DNA changes, especially the hands play a bigger role for pregnant women” dated 21-12-2014    
      Also read my paper on “Women’s Untouchable Emotions Unravelled” displayed in my Blog website dated 29-10-2014. Now it can be easily accessed from here

                                       What causes the defect in men and women
    This I had explained in my video speech "titled as "Hands job are important for life by Scientist"      Google had displayed in the "You Tube" for all to see. 
      Further, this Inherit mitochondrial disorders can be easily eradicated by increasing the voltage power in the brain through the medium of light along with the supporting kit, this Medical Instrument brings a new lease of life in women.
      Let this beauty speak in women for life time.
   Nalin Anthoni Pillai
 Brain Research Work
Foot note :- For you all to know that there are two types of orgasm in women
                   as stated in the below article   

Women experience two types of orgasm: Study

                                      The Times of India dt 15-3-2014 

Tomas Jivanda

It has long been a subject of debate and speculation whether women can have two different types of orgasm –one as a result of external clitoral stimulation and the other as a result of virginal penetration. While some say there is a difference in the orgasm achieved, others say both are the same. Now two scientist think they have found the answer –by carrying out ultrasounds on three “healthy volunteers” as they stimulated themselves in different ways. For more details read it from the google net.

Copy of this report posted to “UK Neuroscience Association” on 6-2-2015
Copy of this report posted to “UK Women’s Health” on 6-2-2015
Copy of this report posted to “ Web MD” on 6-2-2015  
 Copy of this report posted to “ Mr. Philip Plait, Scientist on 6-2-2015


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