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Did Isaac Newton know how water defies gravity?

                                                                                                      Date 17-2-2015
Nalin Anthoni Pillai, Scientist
 Mr. Michio Kaku, Scientist
Sub: How plants draw water from roots
   Today I am surprise to see a news paper article titled as “Newton knew how water in plants defies gravity” appeared in The Times of India dated 17-2-2015 stating “English physicist Isaac Newton nearly uncovered the secret of how plants defy gravity by pulling water up from roots, almost 200 years before the process was described by botanists, new research has shown.”
          Here I would like to explain "How plants draw water from roots?" It is basically caused by hot and chill water process whereas the chill water rises up when evaporation take place in the plants. Just like water in the bucket when hot water tap is opened cold water try to expand and rises upward caused by variation in temperature. Earlier itself I had mentioned to CERN Organization that there are coolant particles at the sub-atomic level. When thermal heat collision take place inside the atom that heats up the coolant particles seem to expands and  tend to push the water molecule upward through this osmosis process which is found in all plants and trees.

     Regard to this I submitted my paper to CERN Organization, via Email posted to Mrs. Jennifer Klay, Assistant Professor in Physics, California on 29-7-2012. Immediately, they displayed my name in their website. Now I am putting it over here for you all to read.

              How these Higgs Boson particles interact at the poles?
When applied voltage is given this Higgs Boson particle have tremendous power to attract the coolant particles at the sub-atomic level by the interaction of the magnetic field and thereby it makes the God particle more vehement in its action. Same thing applies in the biological system where it inherits the coolness by absorbing light. This applied voltage through light strengthens the dipole dipole force (intermolecular action) makes the biological cells very active thus it helps Higgs Boson (God Particle) at the sub atomic level  influence the coolant particles that keeps our body more healthy and fresh throughout the day.
This Higgs Boson particles also have influence on siphoning of water too behaves differently once it crosses the Earth’s equator rotate counterclockwise close to the Northern pole but rotates clockwise towards the Southern pole.      
Further, this thermodynamic magnetic field at the poles influence Higgs boson particle to create  coolant particles at the sub atomic level that enhances the coolness in the Northern and Southern hemispheres by circulating vast amount of  clouds that forms the glaciers at North pole and South Pole which is being influenced by the coolant action. In the case of highest mountain ranges too retains these icy glaciers due to climate changes condense the vapour in the atmosphere merely by the gravitational pull of the coolant action. This also applies to “Massive Greenland surface Ice cover melt picked up by Satellite” article appeared in The Hindu dated 26-7-2012 (Here Higgs Boson particles loosens it coolant particle at the very surface of the soil caused by the warming of the sea water rapidly melting the glaciers underneath through its radiation. On account of this, huge Ice burgs tumble out of the surface in Greenland which is not happening in the peak of summer.  With the slight tilting of the Earth and the revolution around the Sun makes the four seasons and with Higgs Boson attracting more coolant particles at the North and South poles enable the biological system to exist around the globe. Here is a scientific proof to analyze this in biological system when excess voltage is given to the brain makes both the body and the brain moderately chill through this medium of light. Further, this Higgs boson particle with the inheritance of coolant particles at the sub atomic level not only slows the heart beat  but also make the blood to rush to the surface area to protect the skin by this vasoconstriction of the blood vessels enhances the freshness to various organs in the event of receiving chillness. Thus it makes the body and the brain fresh in a matter of minutes.
    This coolness in the body indicates that there are coolant particles at the sub-atomic level which I analyzed through my invented Medical Instrument, reveals the facts.
         After seeing this telescope captured photograph in the news paper an article titled as "NASA click Super-massive Black Hole" appeared in The Times of India dated 14-8-2014.  Same day I commented and emailed to 'USA Science & Engineering Festival' who also displayed the captured photograph showing the very streak of white vapour which is being strewn and thrown far out into space by the super-massive black hole makes my dream to come true is given in this addressed letter as below.                                   
                                                                                        Date 14-8-2014
 Nalin Anthoni Pillai, Scientist.
 USA Science & Engineering Festival

            What is the work of Super-massive Black Holes?  
    With regard to:- “NASA's Super-massive Black Hole” I am surprise to see a photograph in the News paper stating “NASA Clicks Supermassive Black Hole” appeared in The Times Of India dated 14-8-2014. It looks like a massive chill black hole spinning at a very high velocity than the speed of light at the very centre of the galaxy with white vapour brightly shinning in X-rays snapshot. If this photograph is true picture of a massive Black Hole then it seemed to be throwing a streak of eternal stream of coolant particles far out into the space that comes from the corona and creates stars in the far outer regions. This coolant particles normally exist at the subatomic level gets strewn and thrown as white streak of eternal stream far out into space by the force of the super massive black hole spinning at very high velocity at the centre of the galaxy. Further, these same white streak of coolant particles known as magnons are of quasi particles arising from the Black hole can also turns into dark matter that radiate and spread across the galaxy that holds the stars together as stated in my earlier discovery about the Universe expansion under the title named as “Whom am I to tell this! This I emailed to “Quantum Jumping” Website who displayed my version on 24-10-2013. Immediately, it was stunning most of the scientists around the globe. Now, recently I find this captured photograph has some resemblance with my earlier discovery of the Universe expansion which I titled as 'Whom am I to tell this!  posted on 24-10-2013 to NASA's Organization.    

     This effect of chillness conducted through magnetism stated in the article titled as "Magnet to cool fridges, laptops" appeared in 'The Times of India' dated 30-7-2014 a popular news paper in India had revealed the facts and the expectations have come true once again even in this article.
     Let this beauty speaks itself in life.

NASA telescope captures rare image of super-massive black hole myfox8.com

  Nalin Anthoni Pillai
Brain Research Work

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