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Do all Mobile phones give you cancer?

Global Brain Drain on Health
                                     Can Your Phone Give You Cancer?
If you were to ask a random person on the street this question, chances are they would give you the wrong answer. 
     This Video version displayed  on my website on 8-2-2015 same day I commented
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The above stated comment I physically analyzed from my invented Medical Instrument which I knew it long back
If you ask my opinion ‘Cell phone’ certainly affect the brain and that can cause deadly diseases in human. Because of the low voltage in the brain the cell phone doesn't affect them initially, but how long the brain can cope up with less electrical power which can cause deadly diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, bowel disorder, renal disease, Type-I and Type-II diabetes, brain stroke, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease inclusive of various types of cancer disease as well as arthritis that can crop up at any time beyond the age of 50's. Once you increase the level of voltage in the brain can evade all these diseases beyond the age of 90's and this physical exercises play a vital role to go beyond 110 years. It is achievable when they start using my invented Medical Instrument pave way for high voltage for the brain cells by converting light into energy. This high voltage in the brain can certainly interact with radio signals from the tower or speaking frequently through cell phone can easily cause brain tumour. But without this high voltage in the brain how you expect the brain to cope up with life through this less electrical power.
       Also read my paper on "Virtually two aspects are working in the same way" dated 14-11-2014 which had been displayed in my Blog website titled as "Secrets of the Brain unravelled: Further this less electrical power in the brain can create all sorts of non communicable diseases bound to arise at the early stage of life through its climate change. Surely, it can be in 50's or in 60's or 70's. When apoptosis occurs rapidly voltage drops and the person become very weak that leads to age related diseases. Certainly, this Medical Instrument would bring a world of changes to lead a happy life even at the age of hundred. So, this high voltage is very essential for the brain cells to cope up with life.
Here is another detailed version which you can read it by clicking my blog website
Titled as "Dysfunction of the sexual arouse in men and women…/dysfunction-of-sex…
Nalin Anthoni Pillai
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Foot Note:-  Probably, You would have seen sparrows ‘how they roamed  in the cities and towns about 20 years ago now they are missing. Small bird like sparrow their hyperactive brain gets affected caused by radio signal tower installations in and around cities and towns made them to disappear from the human environment. Even my brain cannot withstand for long in hearing songs through cell phone which is very loud because of the high voltage in the brain. This I had analyzed with my brain using my Medical Instrument. So I use my mobile phone very sparingly.
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