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Photon transfer of electrons makes the sex organ active


                                   Global Brain Drain on Health
                                                                           Date 26-3-2016
  Nalin Ranjan, Scientist

British Neuroscience Association -UK
           Dark Chocolate also has the same effect of boosting Nitric oxide
           But I produce more of them through photon transfer of electrons
   I am surprise to see an article titled as “Dark Chocolate can boost your workout” appeared in The Times of India dated 25-3-2016 stating that ‘Epicatechin is known to prompt cells that line blood vessels to release extra nitric oxide, a substance that has multiple effects in the body. Nitric oxide slightly increases vasodilation, or a widening of the veins and arteries. Improving blood flow and cardiac function. It also boosts muscle cells to take in more blood sugar, providing them with more energy, and it enhances the passage oxygen into cells.’
Here I would like to say that this nitric oxide is very essential for the expansion of human life. I am able to secrete this nitric Oxide with the help of my Medical Instrument through the medium of light patented in the year 1998. Normally this nitric oxide removes all bad cholesterol in the blood stream. But to boost this nitric oxide one has to increase the level of voltage in the brain that enhances the sex arousal among men and women releasing this nitric oxide in the blood stream. This I had already emailed to NASA’s ‘Space Travel impact eyes and brain’ dated 12-6-2014 under the title name “Photon transfer of electrons play a vital role for the expansion of human life” is now being displayed for all to read

  Photon transfer of electrons play a vital role for the expansion of human  life                                 

    After posting an email to Mr. Stephen W. Ramsdem who is involved in solar and its environment study on 5-5-2014 and I wrote a report on Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease can be easily postponed beyond the age of hundred through the medium of light. Even my mother Mrs. Caroline Anthony Pillai one of the pillars of Socialism in Sri Lanka, an American had written about my mother's Biography, by Mr. Charles Wesley Ervin-(University of Chicago), the Author of the Book titled as “Tomorrow is Ours" and she lived for 101 years and died. In her younger age she was a tom girl who used to see solar sun light with her naked eyes and encourage other young children to participate and she royally out bet them in every event of seeing the sun rays. And eventually, she got involved in such activities.  This prompted her vision and became more agile right through her life. Fortunately or unfortunately I also fell liking for light and brought a revolutionary change in disclosing the hidden secrets in the brain by inventing my Medical Instrument patented in the year 1998 reveals the facts "Why the Universe is expanding ever since Big Bang Explosion that took place about 13.7 billion years ago" a thesis called "Whom am I to tell this!" which I reported to Quantum Jumping -web page who published my version  on 24-10-2013, immediately it was  stunning most of the scientists around the globe. After this Mr. Steven Hawking, scientist gave up his idea that there’s no Black Hole stated in the article titled as “There are no black holes: Steven Hawking” which was published in a popular news paper called The Times of India dated 26-1-2014.

    Now a new article being published as "Young blood transfusion is key to eternal youth" stating Recharges Brain, Forms New Blood Vessels in Mice" appeared the very next day in The Times of India dated 6-5-2014. Now I am giving a brief information as follow

   This I had already stated in my cancer paper as well as in many of my medical papers that this dipole dipole force is nothing but 'Higgs Boson Particle' makes the blood cells to carry more oxygen in them once the brain increases its voltage power through the medium of light.  Further, this photon transfer of electrons removes most of the bad cholesterol such as Low Density Lipoprotein  lack this GDF11 efficiency in the blood cells. In turn this deficit of GDF11 carries with less oxygen in the blood which affects other organs too by merely narrowing the blood vessels normally caused by cholesterol plaque in old age people. Same thing occurs in diabetic patients too. Refer my paper called "The Anatomical Discovery of Diabetes" sent to Obama The President who unveiled the Climate Plan on 26-9-2013, same was posted in advance in my Face Book on 24-9-2013. Here I am able to reverse this cholesterol plaque in the veins by enhancing the voltage power through the medium of light. Thus it paves way for sex arousal in men and women automatically it releases nitric oxide in removing cholesterol plaque in the blood vessels that enable them to lead a very long and healthy happy life.

     Also read this blog website titled as "Dysfunction of the sexual arousal in Men and Women" can be assess from here
    Another version of my display titled as "Libido can be easily restored for lifelong" dated 20-11-2015 which can be assess from here

  Nalin Anthoni Pillai
Brain Research Work

Foot Note:- Now read this paragraph which I just sent to British Neuroscience Association dated 20-7-2015 tells to what extent light can help to cure deadly diseases in human is given below and  the same had also been stated by Prof. Ahmed H Zewail who won the Nobel Prize in the year 1999 for his invention in ‘Femtochemistry” that light has the power of curing deadly diseases” appeared in The Hindu dated 23-10-2002. 

  My advice to all:- Do not get drunk that may affect the brain in the future which is a vital organ for the life expansion. So read this two line verses.

                One is preferably good other one is bad
           "A baby and a drunkard it’s a lifelong battle

             But each one is dedicated to his own bottle."


My Mother’s 100th year Birthday photograph published in Sri Lankan News paper on 8-10-2008 as well as  half a page article titled as “Tribute to a 100-year-old pioneer socialist” appeared in 'The Hindu' a popular News paper in India dated 11-12-2008, where she fought for the cause of freedom in both the countries under British imperialism. Later she was arrested in India that time I was not born.

Mrs. Caroline Anthoni Pillai 

Copy of this report posted to Dr. Michio Kaku, Scientist" on 26-3-2016
Copy of this report posted to "Dr. Joe Incandela, Spokesman of CERN Org." on 27-3-2016
Copy of this report posted to "Society of Neuroscience" on 27-3-2016
Copy of this report posted to "King's College London Neuroscience  Dept" on 27-3-2016
Copy of this report posted to Neil Degrasse Tyson, Scientist of United States Of New York
Copy of this report posted to "In Honor of International Women's Day- Mrs Michelle Obama speaks via You Tube on 27-3-2016 

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