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How to prevent chronic kidney and acute kidney failure?

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                                                                                        Date 10-3-2016
Nalin Ranjan, Scientist
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Dr. Michio Kaku, Scientist
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                                           How to avoid renal diseases?
    I am surprise to see an article on ‘World Kidney Day’ titled as “Kidney diseases show increasing trend” appeared in a popular news paper called Deccan Chronicle dated 10-3-2016 stating as ‘A head of world kidney Day city nephrologists have emphasized or early detection of kidney failure for both children and adults as globally kidney diseases are showing an increasing trend. Doctors say even if 70 % of kidney is damaged, patients will not get the symptoms.
      Nephrologist Edwin Fernando of Rajiv Gandhi government hospital said tobacco has direct effect on kidney. There are two types of kidney failures, acute and chronic, Acute is temporary kidney failure and it can be potentially recovered. While in case of chronic failure, kidney slowly declines and gradually it becomes dysfunctional. It is a silent killer’.
       Here I would like to say that people are not giving importance for the brain to function efficiently. And the parents should encourage their children to play games not using one hand to play shuttle cock or badmintonbut young children have to climb coconut trees or Iron post would help a great deal in preventing many of the non-communicable diseases including renal diseases.  Why I am telling this, when the brain is in the developing stage the two hands plays a vital role in climbing trees by putting more pressure on the  two legs to push the whole body weight in an upward motion with close proximity of the eyes in climbing trees, hardens the brain’s wire in a more effective way. And they have to do it in a regular basis. This way most of the non-communicable diseases can be avoided. Those pre-historic people used their hands to the maximum level in climbing trees about 3.7 million years ago. They were very strong and hale and healthy than the modern man’s brain. This I had already stated in my Blog website tiled as “How the Human evolution had taken place on Earth-Part-I” dated 21-1-2015. Now it can be assess from here

     In addition to this, I had adopted another method to cure non-communicable diseases through the medium of light which I am able to do it with my invented Medical Instrument patented in the year 1998.
     How to prevent most of the renal diseases in human is given in my Blog website titled as “Light helps me to create this invisible growth acts as an excreta,” which can be assess from here
Let this beauty speaks itself in life.
       Nalin Ranjan
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