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Why dividing cells causes cancer in two-third patients?

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                                                                                                      Date 25-3-2017
Nalin Ranjan,Scientist
British Neuroscience Association

          Why dividing cells cause cancer in two-third patients

     I am surprise to see an article today titled as “Cancer may strike due to bad luck, not lifestyle” appeared in ‘The Times of India’ dated 25-3-2017 statingWhy does cancer strike some people and not others? New research shows that random changes or ‘mistake’ in DNA when cells are dividing causes nearly two-third of all cancers in humans. These changes are neither caused by external factors like smoking or exposure to harmful chemicals, nor by hereditary factors. They are chance events occurring at the molecular level. In other words, cancer can strike anybody.
      I would like to explain why this dividing cells causes cancer in two-third patients leaving those external factors like smoking or exposure to harmful chemicals or radiation causes 29% of the patients and the other  from hereditary causes just only 5% and the rest of the patients cancer rate are more or less touching 66% comparatively is very high among the common people. This static analysis is very alarming to all people. This analyze done by scientists from Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Centre at Baltimore in the US which is caused at the molecular level during the cell division process genetic code carrying the DNA is copied in the division cells, and mutations are likely to occur over the period of time is not very true.
     I would like to put it in a more perspective way why mutation occur in two-third patients any where any place during the process of cell division. More randomly mutation is caused by insufficient of electrical power to stream line this division of cells. While carrying cell division process P53 genes behaves abnormally due to mutation caused by less electrical power are the ones that create cancer. And become more aggressive in the second and third stages of cancer could eventually spread to other parts of the body by the ineffective of the P53 genes caused by cell division process.
     After reading this above article everyone must be very careful in their life and we don’t know which person will get affected, these types of deadly disease like cancer during cell division process. To stop such types of cancer one has to increase the level of voltage in the brain by enhancing the dipole dipole force which is nothing but Higgs Boson particle rendering them as candidate in carrying more oxygen in ionize blood cells. This excess oxygen in the ionize blood cells increase the level of voltage in the brain through the medium of light. This is achievable through my invented Medical Instrument patented in the year 1998. And I am regularly using my Medical Instrument for the last 21 years and there’s no slightest side effect in charging the brain cells. This Medical Instrument is very, very useful for desk top work at factories as well as in office. In fact it makes the brain as fresh as ever even at the fag end of the day. Further, refer the statement made by Professor Ahmed H. Zewail who won the Nobel Prize in the year 1999 for his invention in "Femtochemistry" that light has the power of curing many diseases.

Same thing I had even emailed to CERN Organization, Geneva along with my cancer paper during the announcement of the Higgs Boson Particle on 4th of July 2012 but I posted it on 31-7-2012 to Dr. Jennifer Klay, Asst. Professor of Physic at California Polytechnic State University, who was also in the panel of CERN. Organization had displayed my name in their website.
                            How to eradicate cancer by simple procedure
   I had already stated and published in many of my papers. Now it can be assessed from this website titled as “How to eradicate cancer by simple procedure? dated 09-02-2016 is  being displayed here

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My email ID :   Today only I bought an Android Cell Phone to communicate those eagerly waiting fans, now they can communicate through Whats app. Sometimes I may switch off when I am doing my research forgive me for not answering. But one thing I would to inform that Whats app or any high end devices monitoring the screen decelerated this voltage power in the brain at rapid pace can easily mutate the P53 gene have a great chance of getting cancer for those left over 66% of people. This is my personal advice for those users of smart-phone just try to avoid frequent using  of electronic gadgets.
Let this beauty speaks itself in life.
      Nalin Ranjan
Brain Research Work   

                   Dr. Jennifer Klay-Physicist

Jennifer Klay is an expert in high-energy nuclear collisions, who helped discover the phenomenon of jet quenching in nuclear collisions with the STAR experiment at Brookhaven National Lab’s Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider. She also helped to develop the upgrade detector for the ALICE experiment at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, which will allow it to measure jet quenching in nuclear collisions there.
Dr. Klay is an assistant professor of physics at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. She was a staff scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory before joining the faculty at Cal Poly in 2007.                
Copy of this report posted to “Dr. Jennifer Klay, Asst Professor of Physics at California Polytechnic State University “on 25-3-2017
Copy of this report posted to Dr. Michio Kaku, Scientist from United States (California)” on 25-3-2017
Copy of this report posted to “University of Leeds Neuroscience” on 25-3-2017
Copy of this report posted to “Mr. Maher Bio-TV Show Host from United States-New York” on 25-3-2017
Copy of this report posted to “Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson, Scientist from United States-New York” on 25-3-2017
Copy of this report posted to “Dr. Lawrence Krauss” via You Tube” on 28-3-2017

Copy of this report posted to “Donald Trump The President of United States” via You Tube on 27-3-2017

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