Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Great people are great - I am not one among them


Nalin Ranjan
March 3 at 1:45pm ·
The Logical Indian
Mrs. Caroline lived for101 years                                                      
             Global Brain Drai
                on Health                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Date 3-3-2017
Nalin Ranjan, Scientist

     My success is not so great like my father Late S.C.C. Anthoni Pillai. Ex. MP studied in London fought against the British Imperialism and my mother too fought for the cause of Independence. They both were jailed in India. That time I was not born only two elder brothers were living with my mother Mrs Caroline Anthony Pillai. An American author name 'Charles Wesley Ervin' titled as "Tomorrow is Ours" had written a biography about my mother and father, one can read it from the Internet.

    So let my research work start at my father's home will inspire me for the betterment of the common man health to live longer. Only the common man can built the nation to a great height and avoid pollution around the world. This is what I wanted and God is pulling me up to serve the people who deserve to live longer.
    I am doing a research on the brain and I also invented a Medical Instrument that I patented in the year 1998. This Medical Instrument plays a vital role in my brain that I am able to exhibit the secrets of the brain. Even I found the temperature inside the atom that made the top notches scientists stunned around the world. Even superfast 5D computer exposed "Einstein General Relativity Theory" is doomed by this computer analyst. And even Newton’s gravity is unstable (Law of Gravity). Now can you see what is going up in the black hole. Before NASA able to take a snap shot I revealed the facts that coolant particles are being strewn and thrown out into space. More can be read from this website about the Universe expansion:-…/why-universe-is-ex…
Now refer today's News paper article titled as "NASA to create 'coolest spot in universe" appeared in "the Times of India dated 8-3-2017. NASA is about to make Newton's Law of Gravity false --making my dreams to come true.
Nalin Anthoni Pillai

Brain Research Work
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