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Can Stem Cells Recreate Degenerative Discs?


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                                                                            Date 8-4-2016
Nalin Ranjan, Scientist
British Neuroscience Association
                    How to recreate degenerative discs in the Vertebral Column
    I am surprise to see an article titled as “Meditation, yoga can help treat back pain: study” appeared in ‘The Times of India dated 24-3-2016, stating that ‘Meditation, yoga and cognitive behavioural therapy may result in greater improvement among adults with back pain when compared with usual care, researcher, including one of Indian-origin, have found.
    Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) focuses and acceptance of moment-to-moment experiences including physical discomfort and difficult emotions.
     Researchers from US’s Johns Hopkins University assigned 342 adults aged 20 to 70 years with chronic low back pain to receive MBSR, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), or usual care CBT (training to change pain related thoughts and behaviours) and MBSR (training in mindfulness meditation and yoga) were delivered in 8 weekly-2 hours groups.
    Usual care included whatever other treatment, if any the participants received. The average age of the participants was 49 years and the average duration of back pain was 7.3 years.
   Researchers found that at 26 weeks, the percentage of participants with clinically meaningful improvement on a measure of functional limitations was higher for those who received MBSR (61%) and CBT (56%) than for usual care 44%).
      The percentage of participants with clinically meaningful improvement in pain bothersomeness at 26 weeks was 44% in the MBSR group and 45% in the CBT group. This was only 27% in the usual care group.
     Here I would like to say something more about Backache which is caused by thinning of the cartilage lessens the cushioning effect  between the two discs of the vertebrae or it can be the hardening of the tissue cells that affect the spinal cord nerve gives a shooting pain.
     Degenerative discs are thought to be responsible for lower back pain as one vertebrate rubs onto another. Back discs are generally thought to be unable to heal themselves.
    In such cases only stem cells can increase the lining of the cartilage as well as in removing hardening of the tissue which is normally caused by surgical operation. There is only one remedy to cure such diseases by increasing the level of voltage in the brain that enhances the dipole dipole force bringing in more oxygen to stimulate stem cells to form the lining of the cartilage to give more cushioning effect for the vertebrae discs. Further, by strengthening the dipole dipole force it even softens the harden tissues by the action of the voltage power in the brain removes such back aches in the body through the medium of light.   
   Even meditation and yoga can help in reducing back pain but not a permanent cure for the back ache. Yoga and meditation bring excess oxygen which is not sufficient enough to convert stem cells into cartilage. But to cure anything voltage power is very essential for the DNA to regenerate the required stem cells to soften the damage tissues as well as in lining of the cartilage tissues between the vertebrae discs. This is achievable by working with my invented Medical Instrument helps in curing back ache through the medium of light patented in the year 1998.
   Generally my Medical Instrument removes headache, body aches, backache and eyes strain in a matter of minutes through the medium of light that stores more energy for the brain which I had already displayed in my Blog website titled as "Virtually two aspects are working in the same way" dated 22-11-2013. This can be assess from here   
Let this beauty speaks itself in life.
    Nalin Ranjan
Brain Research Work.
Foot note: In addition to this I had already stated “Why Blood vessel expanse during headache?” is given in my blog website titled as ‘Secrets of the brain unraveled’ dated 8-12-2015. For more details you can asses from here
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