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Why degeneration of brain cells occur as you age?

                         Global Brain Drain cause by eyes
                                                                                           Date 9-8-2014                     
Nalin Anthoni Pillai-Stefan Hawkings
18 mins                                                                                              
Nalin Ranjan, Scientist,
No. 18, Seventh Cross Street,
West Shenoy Nagar
 Chennai-600030, INDIA

My invented Medical Instrument reveals the fact
   I am surprise to see an article titled as “Changes in eye predict changes in brain” appeared in The Hindu News paper in India dated 28-8-2014 stating that eye is the cause for the degeneration of the brain cells. Same thing I had already stated  in my report on“Lack of Vit D doubles risk of Dementia, Alzheimer’s which was posted to you on 9-8-2014 itself and the wordings are the same  Basically, eyes are the cause for the degeneration of the brain cells slowly retarding the brain's activity and thereby it lessens the voltage in the brain leads to all kinds of diseases.”
 Though I analyzed this much, more earlier through my invented Medical Instrument reveals the facts and once again scientists had come close to my analysis and they had revealed the same fact what I had analyzed and given in my above said report.
     So far, I have not gone wrong even an inch in my analysis, and same wording I had reported in my letter subject to “Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease posted to you on 9-8-2014.  Again my version is coming true leaving no room to go wrong.
     Let this beauty speaks itself in life.

   Nalin Anthoni Pillai
  Brain Research Work
Foot note: True copy of my version titled as "Once the embolism affects the brain, how to treat?" posted in Face Book is being displayed here

Global Brain Drain on Health

                                                                                                                 Date 27-3-2012


  1. Nalin Ranjan, Scientist,

No. 18, Seventh Cross Street,

West Shenoy Nagar

     Chennai-600030, INDIA

Once the embolism affects the brain, how to treat?

This paper I presented to Dr. K. Jagadeesan, FRCS, FIMS , Founder Director of K.J. Hospital Research & Postgraduate Centre, at Chennai – 600084           and gave my version how to save patients from paralytic attack on 11-3-2012.

    I would like to call this Dementia is a man made disease. It is very easy to prevent such diseases and live longer provided if one increases the level of voltage in the brain. Because of apoptosis occurring rapidly in old age that lowers the voltage in the brain can leads to so many kinds of diseases such as Dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease  Renal Diseases and also Cancer and Coronary artery diseases. The real culprit is borne by the defective gene, which ever is first affected due to weak electrical signal promote that disease. So far, no one knows how to increase the level of voltage in the brain. Basically, eyes are the cause for the degeneration of the brain cells slowly retarding the brain's activity and thereby it lessens the voltage in the brain leads to all kinds of diseases.
   After the invention of this unique designed Medical Instrument which was patented in the year 1998 at Chennai, India. This Medical Instrument plays a vital role in promoting health benefits through the medium of light and keeps the body and the brain as fresh as ever. By using this Instrument, physical exercises becomes easy on the very first day compared to regular exercise and keeps the body cells very active throughout the day. Even a fresh bath does not last that long and thereby it does not make the exercise easy. Though I am 65 years, I don't normally sleep in the after noon but I have a sound sleep at Night 10.30 Pm. Here age is not a great factor but still I can run and jump from 7 feet to the granite stone nothing happens to me. And my weight is 72 Kg and my height is 5ft and 9 inches. It’s all possible to keep one’s heart young through this newly invented Medical Instrument. This Medical Instrument patented in the year 1998 increases the visibility of light that improves the level of voltage in the brain. Through this medium of light it enhances the dipole dipole force and thereby it strengthens all the ionize blood cells to carry more oxygen in them. This also had been stated by Prof. Ahmed H. Zewail who won the Nobel Prize in year 1999 for his invention in “Femtochemistry” that light has the power of curing many diseases. In this regard, I had addressed a letter to the former President of US Mr. Bill Clinton how to postpone ‘Alzheimer’s Disease from occurring’ in my letter dated 14th May year 2000 and they responded immediately against my letter before the announcement of the ‘Sequencing of the Human Genome’.

        How this brain responds when embolism blocks the blood supply?          
 I would like to put forth about the brain stroke caused by an embolism that occurred to my father at age of 85 in the middle of December 1999 and got admitted at K.J. Hospital Chennai, Patient’s File No-IP-288/94. He was a well qualified person from Kings College of London, getting such a stroke I just couldn’t digest this. But I recovered my Father Mr. S.C.C. Anthoni Pillai within three hours by treating with hot and cold water bath was given in a standing position.  No sooner he got recovered from his paralytic stroke. This led me to discover   “How Micro-organism evolved in space and started spreading on this Planet?”  It is because of ice crystal chillness in the meteorites had brought life on Earth. This chillness of water plays a vital role to contract the blood vessels and makes the blood to radiate the chillness to other organs through mild conduction activate this dipole dipole force and thereby it energizes all the cells in the body. Based on this principle, I led my father to the bath room, opened the hot water tape and filled the bucket with hot water moderately high. Then I opened the cold water tap and started pouring on his head. But subsequently I closed the hot water tap and then started pouring gradually onto his head. Within few minutes this hot water turned into cold water and the blood started rushing to the surface area to protect the skin. Here heart was not pumping heavily but the blood was rushing to the surface area by contracting of the blood vessels. This made the embolism in the blood vessel to contract and thereafter heart beat also dropped below fifty beat a minute, in the process he unexpectedly passed his urine. Thereafter I started rubbing his head spontaneously with a dry towel. When the body temperature came to normal, blood vessel expanded and the blood was flowing through the embolism. Subsequently, TPA drug was given to dissolve the embolism (Previously this recombinant tissue palsiminogen activator (TPA) drug was not reaching the blockage region since the blood was not flowing to the right side of the affected brain). Only after the expansion of the blood vessel, TPA drugs started penetrating the clot region and the embolism got dissolved. This process took nearly three hours to regain his consciousness. Immediately when he woke, he started talking and the affected limbs on the left side of the body started moving in response to the brain. Following day he was able to walk on his own.
     I took this crucial decision when Doctors gave up hope of reviving him due to the age factor and half his body had no movement including his tongue, from the time he got admitted. This forced me to take the extreme step of reviving my father from the state of unconsciousness. On the sixth day I told the Chief Doctor Mr. Paul who was attached to the K.J. Hospital, that I want to give him a body wash, he agreed. It happened to be a winter season and the water was pretty cold on the experimental day in the morning. Taking into account, I gave the treatment on the sixth day. Finally, my father got over the paralytic attack by the contraction of the blood vessel caused by the chillness of water that paved way for his recovery.   On this basis, I wrote a paper on ‘Micro-organism how it evolved in meteorites.’ It is because of this relativity of chillness between micro-organisms and the icy crystal of water of those terrestrial objects has the same kind of similarity to our nature’s chill water near the poles. That makes the blood to rush to the surface area by contracting the blood vessels. From this very embodied chillness of water on the epidermis surface the blood starts radiating the chillness to various organs that make the body and brain fresh in a matter of minutes. And this is where I came to the conclusion that the blood is relatively connected to this chillness of the prehistoric micro-organism where they got evolved in space. These micro-organisms have tremendous power to slow down the heart beat in the event of receiving chillness caused by the contraction of the blood vessels. This is how my father Mr. S.C.C. Anthoni Pillai got over the paralytic attack within hours.  

    Every thing is created by water, light and the cosmic materials in the meteorites had brought life to Earth. Even the oceans on the Earth probably would have brought this might water through these meteorites. Now, NASA’s findings also had led to the conclusion that all planets and moons have water including Mercury except Jupiter seemed to exist in a gaseous form.

    Because light is the building block for microbes under compression and water is the life of source.

    My Contact  Email ID  and My contact Cell No. 0091- 44-9677216827 or 044-26261187

   Let beauty speaks itself in life.   
          Paper presented by   A .Nalin Ranjan
          On 27th   of  March  2012
.                                                                                            A. Nalin Ranjan
                                                                                         Brain Research Work

Copy to:- Dr. Selva kumar, The Chairman Telemedicine (Neurologist)
                at Ramachandra Medical College, Porur. Chennai-600116.
 Copy of this report posted to Dr. Stephen Hawkings, Scientist-UK” on 9--8-2014

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