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How to avoid Jet Lag on a long travel flight?

               Global Brain Drain on Health Correlated

                                                                        Date 7-7-2015


Nalin Ranjan, Scientist


I am surprise to see an article titled as “Are plastic planes the future of flight? appeared in “The Times of India dated 6-7-2015, stating that the plane manufacturers at ‘The Massachusetts Institute of Technology wanted to abolish the cockpit and they would like to work from cameras, thus allowing the pilot to monitor the plane through Instrument Panel Board rather than looking out of the window.

With regard to this I would like to bring a revolutionary change in the cockpit including instrument Panel Board has to be brought close to the visual eyes of the pilot in accordance to the seating arrangement and the height of the cockpit is very essential to keep the pilots awake, and avoid this Jet lag occurring in them.  This arrangement I had already stated in one of my papers how to make Lorry truck drivers as fresh as ever while covering long distances by monitoring the panel board rather than looking out of the windscreen.  

     Here, the truck driver has to adopt  a new method in driving the vehicle just by moving the cursor on the drawn graph line in the Instrument Panel Board using the mouse device as an accelerator that make the vehicle to move in a steady pace because of the constant movement of the fingers along  the graphic line.  By guiding this graphic line on the Instrument Panel Board the driver can not fall asleep with the mouse in hand makes the brain as fresh as ever. 
       I also saw a news paper article today titled as "New tech to help computer cursors interact in 3D" appeared in 'The Times of India' dated 11-8-2015. This would be very useful for  truck drivers or piloting the aircraft in 3D vision with the mouse in hand  easy to negotiate vehicle while overtaking as well as for the pilot to avoid Hurricanes or storms as per the instruction on the panel board.  
      This up gradation of the 3D vision along with the cursor  as an accelerator that can prevent sleep with the help of my invented Medical Instrument patented in the year 1998 serves a great boon for the drivers as well as for the pilots. Whereas seating arrangement has to be altered in the cabin to avoid all kinds of stress, strain, body aches, eyes strain including headache.
      But, the Manufacturers at ‘The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and also by ‘Typical Cabin Configuration of Air Bus A 380’ engineers are unable to analyze the very fact of the brain and the spinal cord suffers all the way while driving the heavy truck or piloting the aircraft affects mainly their brain and the spinal cord has to bear all the brunt caused by the physiological stress that eventually destabilizes the brain’s voltage power through its vision creates all kinds of aches that makes them to fall asleep.
    In connection to this I had already posted twice my report titled as ‘How to avoid Jet Lag on a long travel flight’ by altering the circadian rhythm through the medium of light with the supporting kit of my Medical Instrument brings freshness for the whole body. This I had emailed to ‘Typical Cabin Configuration of Air Bus A 380’ dated 30-8-2013 which got displayed via –The Telegraph website on 1st of September 2013. Once again I am displaying it over here for all to read. 

                       Global Brain Drain on Health

                                                                                                                  Date 3-5-2015


Nalin Anthoni Pillai, Scientist

                               All my dreams are virtually coming true

                                          One after the other


   I am surprise see an article titles as “Reset ‘button’ for body clock” appeared today in The Times of India dated 3-5-2015 stating ‘A study says that the body’s clock is reset when phosphate combines with a key protein in the brain. This process, called phosphorylation, is triggered by light. In effect light stimulates the synthesis of specific protein called period proteins that play big role in clock resetting, thereby synchronizing the clock’s rhythm with daily environmental cycles.
      Here I would like to say that they are able to reset circadian clock by merely combining phosphate with a key protein in the brain by using light which is a clinical procedure.
      But I adapt a different  procedure which is very simple to alter the circadian clock by just visualizing  the light one can easily reverse this circadian clock while working on my invented Medical Instrument and no clinical procedure is required for altering the circadian Clock.
                                                                                       Date 30-08-2013
Nalin Anthoni Pillai, Scientist
Typical Cabin Configuration of Air Bus A380
               How to avoid Jet Lag on a long travel flight?
Dear Sir,
     I read an article titled as "Race over business class seats" appeared in The Times of India dated 25-8-2013 that air craft manufacturers are spending billions of dollars on research in modelling and designing seats in business class to avoid Jet Lag. Business class means passenger should be 100% fit on arriving especially in this competitive world. So one should understand why the brain slackens the robust activity during long hours of flight travel affect the circadian rhythm so called Jet lag. Basically, craft manufactures are not aware what causes the Jet Lag and they are modelling and designing in such a way to give more comfort for the passenger's journey which is not helping the brain at all.
If the manufacturers are really interested in avoiding Jet Lag I am ready to give my know how and I 'll ensure that the passenger is 100% fit on arrival where the circadian rhythm is not affected at all once you induced the dipole dipole force makes the passenger as fresh as ever on landing. Further, this circadian rhythm automatically adjust itself using my Medical Instrument and the passenger can have sound sleep at night without hindering his routine work.
    Here I am giving some of the important functions of the brain during flight as follow:
Jet lag generally affect the circadian rhythm while crossing over the time zone in a short time and the imbalance occurs in the cerebral spinal fluid caused by the global rotation with partial weightlessness and the passenger feel sick on a long journey from east to west or vise versa. But it normally won't affect while flying north to south or vise versa. It is virtually caused by the thermodynamic magnetic field easily affect the cerebral spinal fluid while flying at a higher altitude leading to partial weightlessness. This imbalanced circadian rhythm can be easily controlled by increasing the level of voltage in the brain strengthens the dipole dipole force that makes the body and the brain as fresh as ever through the medium of light. This I had already analyzed with my invented Medical Instrument that makes my brain fresh once I start working on my Instrument. This Medical Instrument I patented in the year 1998 removes headache, body aches and back ache in a matter of minutes. Now I am getting closer to Higgs Boson Particle which was announced on fourth of July 2012. It was really a shot in my arm that this dipole dipole force is nothing but Higgs Boson Particle enhances the coolant particles at the sub-atomic level rendering them candidate in curing non-communicable diseases in human. With regard to this I gave my version to CERN organization who displayed my name in their web site under Dr.. Jennifer Klay, Assistant Professor of Physics at California that "Higgs Boson Particle is a life giving particle for the 'Biological System' as well as for the creation of matter". This also had been stated by Prof. Ahmed H. Zewail who won the Nobel Prize in year 1999 for his invention in “Femtochemistry” that light has the power of curing many killer diseases. Further, I had even addressed a letter to the former President of US Mr. Bill Clinton how to postpone ‘Alzheimer’s Disease from occurring in my letter dated 14th May year 2000 and they responded immediately against my letter before the announcement of the ‘Sequencing of the Human Genome’. Since, I had invented my Medical Instrument I even placed a Parkinson's disease boy who normally falls asleep at 8 pm. But I made him to sleep at 10 O'clock every night by increasing the level of voltage in the brain through which it strengthens the dipole dipole force.
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By A. Nalin Ranjan
Brain Research Work
This computer Medical Instrument is very simple to operate, and removes headache body aches, back ache as well as eyes strain in a matter of minutes.

A gene has been discovered which stops our body clock from resetting, paving the way for new drugs to combat jet lag

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