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Brown fats process through medium of light controls blood sugar level



                                        Global Brain Drain on Health                                                                                              Date 25-7-2014
  Nalin Anthoni Pillai, Scientist

  Mr. Philip Plait, Scientis

                  Clouds Poem

I bring fresh rain to the burning plains
From the rivers and seas
My Welcome shadow for the cow in the meadow
Devoid of shady trees.

With my wings that are wide the bright sun I hide
Some time for an entire day
Unless otherwise gales clear the skies
By breaking and blowing me away.

I herald a bolt of billion volts
And in young minds wonder
Moments after they hear my laughter
Only to shudder and call it thunder.

I steal the show from mountain snow
Great pines groan at my feet
All night through on a white pillow
I rest a rest that I deem a treat.

Fiery are my powers in my stormy hours
Lighting my captain boils
In a canyon below is contained the echo
With flashes I fertilize soils.

This Poem I narrated on Brain's Day year 2014 which was posted to "Hurricane Storm" that was approaching close to North America on 22-7-2014 which I saw it in the Google Web site.
   I am surprise to see an article titled as "Why you should cool it in the bed room" appeared in 'The Times of India' dated 20-7-2014. But I do it differently by enhancing the voltage power through the medium of light it polarize the brain cells that makes the brain more chill.  And in process it creates  'Brown fats' in the upper portion of the body.

Today everyone knows 'Lighting Thunder' creates nitrous oxide in a flash but whereas in the body carbon dioxide and water creates glucose like sugar. This sugar powers the body mechanism as stated in my email letter which was addressed to you on 30-4-2014. With regard to my Patent Right, they had displayed  my Medical Instrument in the Google website under Patent/ Trade/ continuation of Previous Page (displayed  by the Chennai Patent office) on 29-4-2014. I was shock to see my Medical Instrument being displayed without my concurrence.
Now, a new version has come out in the news paper article titled as "With spinach, turn sunlight into fuel appeared in 'The Times of India' dated 25-7-2014. Whereas brain does differently to convert carbon dioxide and water into glucose like sugar with the help of domestic lights as stated in my above said email letter addressed to you (Mr. Philip Plait,scientist) Same was posted to Mr. Obama, The President who unveil the Climate Plan which was held on 26-9-2013 in that I had stated 'How to control global Temperature by eating fruit items and vegetables could save abundant water to grow large trees. Further, this visual  light could control diabetic diseases in people. And overall, it lessens the  consumption of food such as rice as well as wheat flour can easily cut cooking items in the kitchen that brings down the greenhouse gases around the globe.

Now I would like to put forth that this light is a biological tool that can easily convert carbon dioxide and water into glucose like sugar through photon transfer of electrons. In the process it produces 'Brown fats' normally occurs in the upper portion of the body. Actually, this Brown Fat absorbs excess sugar in the blood stream. Thus it make the person diabetic free by absorbing the excess sugar in the body in a natural way. This I am able to achieve through my invented Medical Instrument patented in the year 1998. This had also been stated by Prof. Ahmed H Zail who won the Nobel Prize for his invention in Femtochemistry in the year 1999 that light cures most of the deadly diseases article appeared in The Hindu dated 23-10- 2002 a popular news paper in India..
Let this beauty speaks itself in life
Thanking you
Nalin Anthoni Pillai
Brain Research Work

A copy of this report posted to Medicine Net on 25-7-2014
Same was posted to American Association of Diabetes on 25-7-2014
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Foot Note :-
Also refer this new article titled as “Working in shifts ups diabetes risk” appeared in The Times of India on the next day dated 26-7-2014
Night shifts worsen insulin resistance caused by the brain’s inability to boost the oxygen supply that affect the brain’s voltage power. Unless you increase the voltage power circadian clock cannot be altered. Otherwise it leads to so many other diseases such as headache, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s diseases, Parkinson’s disease, chronic renal diseases as well as coronary artery diseases. This happen because when you start working on the computer system, brain always try to increase the voltage power through visual light. In addition to this, it fails to cope up with  oxygen supply that affects the circadian rhythm. This circadian clock in turn affect the whole body by this insufficient supply of oxygen blood to the brain is the main cause affecting the brain’s normal functions.
                                               My dreams are virtually coming true
     After publishing the above said article again my version is coming true as per the article titled as "World's First solar battery developed" appeared in the The Times of India dated 6-10-2014 stating that light and oxygen required for processing for different chemical reactions to enhance the battery charge. This is what lacking in night shift people are unable to boost the oxygen supply that really affect the brain's voltage power. Unless they increase the voltage power 'Circadian Clock' cannot be altered which I had clearly given in my above stated report dated 25-7-2014.  This shows I had not gone wrong in this aspect too.

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